11 Tangerang Residents Experience Paralysis From Chikungunya

TANGERANG – As many as 50 residents of Medang Village, Pagedangan District, Tangerang Regency, have contracted chikungunya disease. Of these 11 people were paralyzed.

Mosquito-borne diseases aedes aegypti This affects not only adults, but also children, even when the condition of society is still haunted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chikungunya is a disease caused by a virus called alphavirus which is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes. Apart from feeling fever, joint pain and headaches, the resident who contracted the chikungunya disease also experienced temporary paralysis.

The head of the local RW, Bahrum, said that many of the residents were infected with chikungunya. From one family, two to three people were infected.

“The number has reached 50 people, not only adults but also children,” he told rri.co.id, in Tangerang, Sunday (18/10/2020).

Quoted from rri.co.id, residents who were infected, continued Bahrum, had been examined and given medical treatment by the Puskesmas. “There are also those who experience paralysis due to chikungunya,” he added.

He added that residents have been advised to clean up the environment and it is hoped that the Regency Government will also step in to help deal with this chikungunya disease.

“The residents really need help, because they are already afraid of Corona, plus chikungunya,” he concluded.

News source: rri.co.id

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