11 Signs That Your Relationship Has No Future

11 Signs That Your Relationship Has No Future

The idea of getting into a relationship is exciting. The thought of wearing matching clothes, going out on dates, and spending forever with that special person can have a thrilling effect. However, this thrill can have you blinded to issues that should have been addressed earlier in the relationship. Whether you’re attracted to Russian brides, exotic Europeans, or any other women, there are universal red flags that may indicate that your relationship could be headed for ruins.


Below are some indicators that your relationship is headed for a dead-end:


  1. Issues Due to Diverging Interests

You and your partner have different personalities and upbringings. This is especially true if your partner is one of mail order wives. The training you both received from your parents and the environmental influences in your life will differ. But, if issues always arise in the relationship as a result of your differing interests, then the relationship is headed nowhere. Be on the lookout and avoid partners who will always get into confrontations with you just because their needs aren’t in sync with yours.


  2. You Can’t Handle Each Other During Hard Times

Relationships come with fun times, laughter, intimacy, and happiness. But there are also times when you or your partner can get cranky or have mood swings out of stress or, just because. If you both cannot manage each other in bad times, when you are both at your worst, your relationship’s future is bleak.


   3. Lack of Trust

To many people, trust is as important in relationships as love is – if not more. It is one of the major keys to a successful and healthy relationship and for any relationship to thrive, that element of trust should always be there. If you and your partner have a hard time believing each other or you both have insecurities towards each other, the relationship has no future.


   4. You Both Have Different Priorities

You and your partner need to be in the same place mentally. For example, if you want to get married but you find a bride who still wants to cruise around the world alone, then you are both not on the same page. A relationship where both parties involved are not moving in the same direction is on rocky grounds.


   5. You Only Make Short Term Plans

If you don’t see a future with your partner, there is no need to waste your time and emotions with them. In healthy relationships, both partners make long-term plans for the relationship (many times including the prospects of starting a family together). However, if you find that you never make any plans for the future with your partner, then maybe that’s a sign that the relationship has no future.


   6. One Person Puts in Most of the Effort in Sustaining the Relationship

A relationship is a partnership. If one person is always putting in more effort and the other is handling things with laxity, the one putting in more effort may feel disrespected and taken for granted. So, if one person is the one always trying to make things work, the relationship needs work.


   7. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is one major differentiating factor between friendships and romantic relationships. Physical intimacy goes beyond sex: it involves hugs, cuddles, massages, and deft touches. If you are uncomfortable with touching your partner or vice versa, then your relationship has no hope of a future.


   8.  You Both Disagree a Lot With Each Other

Couples have disagreements and, sometimes conflicts may even help couples get closer. But, if you and your partner always have issues over the most insignificant things, it means that both of you cannot get along. Incompatibility is a sign that you and your partner are not supposed to be together.


  9. You Cannot Resolve Conflicts

When you can’t forgive your partner or let go of things they have done wrong, then you should not be together. Unresolved conflicts grow to become grudges and a lack of peace with your partner means no positivity will come out of your relationship. Plus, unresolved conflicts will harm your mental health.


  10. There is No Intellectual Compatibility

It is not a bad thing for your partner to be smarter than you but, if you don’t feel challenged to develop your mental capacity while dating them, it is not a good sign. A healthy relationship is one where both partners stimulate each other mentally and help each other fill in the gaps in their knowledge. If this compatibility is lacking in your love life, then you should reevaluate things.


  11. You and Your Partner Have to Manipulate Each Other Into Doing Things

No means no, even in a relationship. Convincing your partner is different from manipulating them. If you or your partner have to guilt-trip each other before they do things, then there is a problem. The fact that they have to be manipulated is a sign that one party wants the other to do something against their will and that is toxic.



When you find a wife online you will need to impress her, of course. However, if you get too carried away, you may look past obvious red flags and end up committing to a relationship that has no hope of a great ending. Following the tips discussed in this article will help you spot a relationship that is dead on arrival.


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