$ 100,000 for new daycare spaces in Nicolet

NICOLET. The City of Nicolet is creating a new fund in the amount of $ 100,000 which will be used to create new daycare spaces on the territory of Nicolet. In 2022, several distinct projects may therefore see the light of day, and a maximum of $ 25,000 may be awarded to each of them.

This initiative, which is a first in Quebec in the form of a dedicated fund, will meet the significant demand from families who see the name of their child (ren) being placed on a waiting list in order to ” access a place in daycare.

“The lack of 54 daycare spaces in our area alone is a source of great concern among our families, and through the creation of this fund, the City of Nicolet will encourage those in charge of public and private childcare facilities to quickly materialize their intentions. This fund is eagerly awaited by those in charge of our childcare services, and it will make it possible to put forward tangible initiatives that will have direct benefits for our families, ”says Geneviève Dubois, who is very proud of the City’s proactivity. de Nicolet in this case.

The daycare centers that will be able to benefit from this fund are as many childcare centers, private daycares as family settings, provided that the setting is recognized by the ministry and that the funds are used to create new places.

For the Director General and responsible for the economic development of the City of Nicolet, this initiative, in addition to having a direct impact on the quality of life of Nicolet families, will help support the economic development of the municipality: “This fund represents a undeniable asset to continue supporting the growth of a city like ours. This idea is ambitious and will support our efforts to consolidate our service economy. By setting up this fund, the City of Nicolet continues to stand out on the national scene in terms of the quality of life found there. I would also like to mention our municipal team will always act as a facilitator when daycare service projects are presented to us, ”says Mathieu Audet.

A committee, made up of elected municipal officials, people working in the childcare sector as well as a representative of the Nicolet administration, will be set up to establish more precise criteria for the fund and to analyze the projects that will be received.

“For the members of the municipal council, it was essential that our fund meet the concrete needs of the community. To do this, we are going to form a committee comprising people who know the realities of daycare services. We will develop the criteria grid with the daycare centers in place, so it will definitely meet their needs. A call to the public will be made after the holiday season, ”concludes Geneviève Dubois.


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