100 Years So A Mystery To Confuse Scientists

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(Illustration) Tanystropheus hydroides

Intisari-Online.com – Since it was discovered more than 100 years ago, researchers have been quite satisfied with being dizzy.

It took a long time to find out what it really was creature this one.

Because, fossil what was found had a strange and unusual shape.

The most striking feature is neck super long.

Illustration of ancient long-necked creature


Illustration of ancient long-necked creature

With its unusual shape, researchers are not sure what kind of animal it is and in which habitat it lives.

With a total body length of 6 meters, creature it has a neck length of 3 meters or half its own body.

Fortunately, the mystery of this long-necked creature is finally slowly being revealed.

As quoted from IFL ScienceLast August, 2020, researchers managed to find new evidence of creatures that lived about 242 million years ago through a CT scan.

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