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(Illustration) Tanystropheus hydroides

Intisari-Online.com – Since it was discovered more than 100 years ago, researchers have been quite satisfied with being dizzy.

It took a long time to find out what it really was creature this one.

Because, fossil what was found had a strange and unusual shape.

The most striking feature is neck super long.

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Illustration of ancient long-necked creature


Illustration of ancient long-necked creature

With its unusual shape, researchers are not sure what kind of animal it is and in which habitat it lives.

With a total body length of 6 meters, creature it has a neck length of 3 meters or half its own body.

Fortunately, the mystery of this long-necked creature is finally slowly being revealed.

As quoted from IFL ScienceLast August, 2020, researchers managed to find new evidence of creatures that lived about 242 million years ago through a CT scan.

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From the scans, researchers found that the elongated neck bones were similar to those found in giraffes.

The cervical spine is also not flexible because it is reinforced with cervical ribs.

photo photo--main">
The results of a CT Scan (scan) of the skull fossil of a long-necked creature, Tanystropheus hydroides.

CELL/Stephan Spiekman

The results of a CT Scan (scan) of the skull fossil of a long-necked creature, Tanystropheus hydroides.

In addition, from the scan, the researchers finally revealed that this mysterious creature, named Tanystropheus hydroides, was classified as a reptile that lived in the sea.

“The neck of T. hydroides is incompatible with habitats on land,” said Oliver Rieppel, one of the researchers on the study.

T. hydroides has nostrils on top of its snout, like a crocodile’s, allowing it to breathe as it emerges on the surface.

Rieppel, who is also a paleontologist at the Field Museum in Chicago, said the animal spent some time lying down waiting for fish and other prey such as squid.

“It’s not very clear how T.hydroides’ neck works.”

“It may be part of a prey hunt. T. hydroides will hide its body and use its long neck to startle prey,” Rieppel added.

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Despite its odd appearance, T. hydroides appears to have been a successful breeder.

Research on the mystery of this super long neck creature has been published in the journal Current Biology and observed from reptile fossils found in Europe, Israel, and China.

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Tanystropheus hydroides

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