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100 euros more – now there are additional costs for electricity – economy

In addition to the horrendous electricity and gas prices, there are now other price increases. Network costs are also rising rapidly.

The Chamber of Labor (AK) warns of a further increase in electricity costs. Not only are energy prices rising immeasurably, but grid costs are also getting higher and higher. This price increase is particularly noticeable for Wien Energie customers.

The city of Vienna charges a 6% user fee on network services, reports “krone.at”. However, the increase in grid tariffs affects all electricity customers, regardless of the supplier. Because from 1 January 2023 the grid fees will increase by about 100 euros per family of three with a consumption of 3500 kWh.

Energy producers benefit from this

The reason for this is the extremely high prices of electricity. Network costs consist of various charges, including the so-called network loss charge. Manufacturers get electricity on the market, which has gotten much more expensive, the APA reports. The wholesale price of electricity was around € 40 per megawatt hour (MWh) in 2019 and 2020, but in September 2022 it was over € 400 / MWh.

The ordinance that fixes the costs for the electricity network is in the process of being amended. The Chamber of Labor stresses that this could be prevented with a law instead of modifying the ordinance without harming the network operators.

“It should not be”

AK is in favor of obliging electricity producers to supply energy to compensate for grid losses at reasonable prices (production costs including profit margin). “It doesn’t have to be that this increase comes if the politicians act in time,” said Josef Thoman, an energy expert at AK, in an interview with the APA.

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