10 things you didn’t know about Cristiano Ronaldo


    1 He was born in 1985 in Funchal, on the island of Madeira, where Pinocchio was also born. [a quien, por cierto, Guillermo del Toro le ha hecho una película de esas que tienes ver sí o sí]

        2 He grew up in a very humble neighborhood and in a humble family as well. His mother once said that if he hadn’t taken up football, Cristiano would have taken up drugs. Maradona did not know how to choose, so he dedicated himself to both.

        3 At the age of 12, he left the island to play in the lower categories of Sporting de Portugal, where he received his first salary: 50 euros a month. Now, at Al-Nassr, he earns $16.5 million every month. [por eso puede permitirse pagar 6.000 euros al mes a cada trabajador de su casa]

        4 When he was a Real Madrid player, he hired a sleep specialist to help him sleep better and since then, he hasn’t slept often, instead taking six 90-minute “naps” every day, which experts say is what Leonardo Da Vinci also did and what all Treasury officials do in Spain.

        5 In 2017 a bust of him was discovered at the Madeira airport whose resemblance to reality was the same as that of the statues of the Madrid Wax Museum. They changed it and the sculptor was thrown into the sea tied to the bronze bust.

        6 He met his current partner, Georgina, when she worked at the Gucci store in Madrid and he was a customer. He was a crush, like Romeo and Juliet, like Felipe and Letizia, like Ortega y Gasset.

        7 He has a collection of cars that include several Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Bentley… I repeat it in case you have not read it correctly: VARIOUS of each one. But do you know what car Cristiano will never be able to have and you can? A Twingo.

        8 Between clubs and the national team, Cristiano Ronaldo has marked 169 different teams. His favorite victim, Sevilla, to whom he has scored 27 goals (he is also Messi’s favorite victim, who has scored 38 goals for them).

        9 He doesn’t have a single tattoo, which makes him quite a unique footballer, because everyone is covered in tattoos. [aquí tienes unas cuantas ideas de tatuajes para hombre, por si tú sí estás en esa onda]. You can’t see any bald footballer either, have you noticed?

        10 He has five children: Cristiano Jr., of an unknown mother (for the public, we assume he knows who he is), two twins born from a surrogate, and two other girls with Georgina. Then you looking for the pair to complete your hand and Cristiano has them in all possible ways.

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