10 things found in the iPad Gen 10 after trying it for real!

10th generation iPad It has many trends, both in terms of use and in price Today, the author will clearly once again tell you about the real test experience on the 10th generation iPad, let’s see what it will be like. Let’s take a look at this article!

10 things found in the iPad Gen 10 after trying it for real!

1. New design, full screen, easy to use

The 10th generation iPad is the latest iPad model to adopt a new design. After the author tries it out, whether he’s taking notes, drawing or viewing various content, it seems to be doing much better than the previous iPad, probably with a bigger screen. A design that cuts off the home button, so we have more fun in viewing content. When taking notes or drawing something, it can really look more vivid.Compared to using the 9th generation iPad, the feeling is very different because the screen of the 9th generation iPad is smaller. There are black borders on both sides of the screen. so making the movie time Or when you view the contents, it seems that there is a black border to cover your eyes when you are taking notes or drawing, you need to zoom the screen to see the content more clearly.In addition, the screen of the 10th generation iPad has also been updated to use a 10.9″ Liquid Retina display, thus making the time of the touch screen. Or using different fields can be done more smoothly. From the author’s point of view, I think the screen experience of the 10th generation iPad is a great opening for a new experience of using the entry-level iPad.

2. The horizontal front camera meets the needs of school/working age people.

Anyone who is often late for meetings, video calls or presentations via iPad, by moving the front camera from portrait to landscape, the author feels that it meets the needs of real users because when we have to make a video call Business meeting or presentation We can turn on the front camera and continue talking immediately. No more trying to point or twist the iPad to center yourself in the frame.And the problem of squinting, of almond-shaped eyes, when talking to friends will also disappear. because we can make eye contact with people directly through the front camera lens horizontally It can be said that this is a new design for the 10th generation iPad which the author likes very much and hopes Apple brings this camera design horizontal front also on other iPad models.

3. Shooting content with an iPad is no longer a problem.

For those using an entry-level iPad like the 7th, 8th and 9th generation iPad, they will encounter blurry rear camera issues. time to take pictures Or give a presentation in class, you will face the blurry image problem, but today Apple upgraded the rear camera to 12MP Wide Angle Lens with rear camera specifications equivalent to iPad Air 5When you don’t have your iPhone with you and need to take pictures, you can take your iPad to take pictures and use them. From the author’s experience, it is considered to be very convenient, and the resulting image also comes out sharper.

4. USB-C port to connect accessories easier than before

The long wait for the USB-C port on the entry-level iPad… But now you don’t have to wait because Apple has already packed it into the 10th generation iPad and it’s considered an equation to wait. because in addition to the USB-C port which is convenient for charging the battery You do not need to carry multiple charging cables. it can also connect to accessories like external displays for people who want to view content on a bigger screenAble to transfer data from external hard drive more conveniently. Since most of the ports are USB-C ports, you can plug in your iPad and transfer data right away. But if it’s a Lightning port, you’ll need to use the hub to connect to the iPad again, which might be inconvenient for people who already store various data on an external hard drive.In addition, it can also connect to the Internet directly with the router, but it must have a Hub for connecting the LAN cable, from which the author tried it. can be called very cool. Anyone who needs fast and powerful internet can use this technique together

5. Watch more fun content with new speakers

Apple has finally adapted the new 10th generation iPad speakers to be stereo. that sound comes from both sides of the iPad when playing games, watching movies or watching content Sound will come out of both sides of the iPad, making it more pleasant to look at, unlike the 9th generation iPad, where the sound will come out from one side.

6. Comes with a new design but still uses Apple Pencil (1st generation)?

The 10th generation iPad debuts a new design. But it still uses the first generation Apple Pencil. Of course, compared to the new design of the iPad in other models, it has been updated to use the second generation Apple Pencil, but it may be due to many factors that still use Apple The original pencil, whether it moves the front camera horizontally Therefore, there is no slot for inserting a magnetic strip to suck the pen. The other edge of the machine is a Smart Connector for connecting an optional keyboard.

And since the 10th generation iPad is still classified as an entry-level iPad, if you switch to the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, it may no longer be an entry-level iPad. Including the cost factor that goes with it, so that might be why you still use the Apple Pencil, the 1st generation, what we added is a USB-C converter to connect it…Of course, the main feeling after trying to use the iPad, the 10th generation is to say that it can type better and much smoother than the previous iPad, but the problems that many people have problems and are discussed a lot is Plugging and charging of the first generation Apple Pencil which makes users feel uncomfortable while using it. Because you have to carry a USB-C converter and a USB-C to USB-C charging cable with you every time you use it. The author himself hopes that Apple has a way to make it more convenient for users to use.

7. New keyboard Print more fun

Apple has released a new accessory that comes with the 10th generation iPad, that is Smart Keyboard Folio It’s a keyboard designed for use with the 10th generation iPad, especially after the author has tried it. I really like this keyboard because the keyboard layout is the same as Mac computers, it has function keys and a trackpad.

And most importantly, it can be used separately. When the keyboard is not in use, the keyboard can be removed and used only with the iPad back cover, which can be adjusted to adjust orientation. But the only thing sticking out is that the price of the Smart Keyboard Folio is quite steep. But if someone wants to buy an iPad and use it fully, he can invest in a pair.

8. Compatibility with iPadOS 16 is great.

The 10th generation iPad is now more compatible with iPadOS 16. Be it the Scribble feature in Thai or the Freeform app that the 10th generation iPad can use. The author has actually tried it and believes that the Freeform app is considered to meet the needs of the students a lot in a meeting. Or, if you want to pitch different ideas, you can add your own ideas and drop them right away. Others can also view our ideas in real time.

9. Drag and drop files with Universal Control

Although the 10th generation iPad does not support the Stage Manager feature, you can still use the universal control feature. I tried using the universal control feature on the 10th generation iPad by dragging and dropping the finished design into Procreate from the iPad . Mac is fine. Read more details here.

10. In summary, should I buy iPad Gen 10?

At this point, you may need to look at each person’s other factors to make a purchasing decision. Both on the usage specification including individual budgets But the author’s personal opinion, after trying it, he thinks that the iPad Gen 10 is another interesting model to change design. You can read the full iPad Gen 10 review, including the specification comparison with Another version here

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