10 stories about Silva Zurleva (photos and video)

On January 1, 2020, the fine and extremely charming Silva Zurleva left this world ridiculously and suddenly. She is the person who practically turned Nova TV into a large and competitive media. He had both a journalistic and a business sense of it. At the same time, however, she was emotional, kind, compassionate, and with a great affinity for art.

About 10 of her closest relatives, friends and colleagues add another touch to her image, telling their story about her a year after her untimely death.

The daughter Mila Zurleva:

We love you now, forever, and after

1 year passed without the most sincere and valuable friend, mother, sister, grandmother of my son Alexei and wife. In the beginning, the minutes were days and the days were years, but gradually I stood up and decided to take life into my own hands.

My mother always told me to be happy, but I didn’t make sense of the words. I only realized what she wanted to tell me when I lost her. I made some drastic changes, took a new position in my workplace and followed my heart. My only regret is that I was not with her in the last hours to say: “Thank you, mom, for raising me and my father, raising me and giving me a chance that only a few get in life, I owe everything to you!” You will always live through me, Alec, Aunt Nelly, Silveto (my cousin) and Dad. We all miss you very, very much. We love you now, forever, and beyond (as Winnie the Pooh said).

Her sister Nelly Shaleva:

She rocked the trash

we, then he gave it to me

the first books

My relationship with Silva began at birth. We were very poor, we lived in a small house. When I was born – our difference is 4 years, she rocked my trash with her foot when her hands got tired. I walked with her. Then she gave me the first books, she raised me. She was like a stepmother to me.

My daughter’s name is Silva because of her. 2-3 years ago we both gave her a star with her name and now we sometimes talk that she may be there.

However, I keep wondering if I did everything for her as a sister during my lifetime to make her feel good. And I’m afraid people will forget what she did for Nova TV, because for her television was everything.

She had once forgotten her purse at home, and a man entered her office on Nova TV and fell to his knees. He explained to her that he was from Vidin and arrived by train to borrow money – he wanted to pay for the heating at home. It was very cold and snowy this winter, and the man had heard how good Silva was. She went to the accounting department and withdrew her salary in advance to give it to him.

Yordanka Fandakova:

Until the end


of causes

For me, Silva Zurleva is a person who until recently was dedicated to various causes in support of children and artists. She was one of the biggest supporters of the Bulgarian Christmas campaign from the very beginning, said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.

She told how Zurleva supported the publication of Georgi Danailov’s book “House Beyond the World” after his death, as well as the publication of Boris Hristov’s collection of poems “Evening Trumpet”.

“The last cause we worked on together was related to reaching the film and its team” Dose of Happiness “to as many students as possible in Sofia, and with the Ministry of Education – throughout the country.

The working team, which was based on her and the foundation of the author of the book “Fall and Salvation” Vessela Toteva, prepared and began the implementation of meetings of the sincerely and strongly dedicated team of the film – Valentina Karoleva, Yana Titova, Alexander Alexiev with students. Fandakova remembers.

George Zois, former executive director of Nova TV:

Do a little miracle with Nova TV

I can write a whole book about Silva. She was a great friend, an amazing colleague, the best person we could count on as a company in our work. (At that time the owner of Nova TV was the Greek company “Antenna”, which came to Bulgaria thanks to Silva – b.r.)

She was honest, responsible and managed to watch everything on television, in politics, everywhere. What he managed to do with Nova TV was a little miracle. Many of the things that happened to television were because of her.

As a person he took care of all his friends, relatives, colleagues. Also for poor people, but he never advertised it. Only she and those she helped knew about it.

Unfortunately, her life stopped in the most inappropriate way and seemed to start the bad things of 2020. I still have my Silva number on my phone. I was a close friend of my wife Minko, I also knew a daughter. We are connected by both the good and the bad things we have experienced together in our common work.

Sometimes I call our colleague to buy flowers from me to leave them at the grave, because the coronavirus made the trip impossible. Silva had the ability to start small and win the great battle, as all great men do.

Producer Magardich Halvadjian:

She was a dude and too emotional for the wolf world

At the time, our production company entered Nova TV on a lame leg. We were doing “Masters of the Air” on TV7, when I got a call that Georgios Zois (at that time the executive chief of Nova TV) wanted to see me. It was because of an edition of Get Rich, in which someone in the audience was coughing and viewers had accused him of giving hints.
Zois explained to me that this was a matter of investigation and that he did not want to be made public.

I got angry, got up and told him I hoped we would never see each other again on any occasion. And I left. A little later, Silva called me to say that they wanted to buy the Masters.

By the way, she also introduced me to Boyko Borissov, who was then Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior. I had turned to her on TV to help, because the police did not want to help us in “Masters of the Air” when we accused crooks. They didn’t take us seriously.

Half an hour after we spoke to her, she had heard from the Secretary-General, who responded immediately, as he thought the crooks should be shown.

Silva was a dude.

She took things very emotionally in this wolf world we live in. I admired that a person with such deep emotionality could be in this position and do this job.
I am convinced that for her it was 5 times more difficult than for another person who was operated on by feelings and emotions.

Rositsa Lisichkova:

With respect to man – that’s how he communicated with everyone

With respect and respect for man, that’s how Silva communicated with the woman who sells flowers on the street, and with ministers, and with public figures.

She had an incredible sense of beauty. He was a passionate admirer of opera, art, poetry. She published a collection of poems by Boris Hristov, gave them to many people if she felt anything to touch her. He was an extremely generous man. And devoted to travel, but always combined them with seeing part of the culture of other countries.

We were brought together by a dizzying trip to Sicily – very beautiful and invigorating. Then we found some friends and later we traveled a lot together.

And the two of us, there was hardly a week in which we were not either at the theater, or at a concert, or at an exhibition. We were even ridiculed by the company for being omnivorous about cultural events.

One of the best trips for her was in Milan. For the birthday we gave tickets for the Milan Rock to watch “Turandot” – this was the favorite opera. By the way, she and I were called Puccini because we are fans of Puccini.

We were at the Verona Opera House relatively soon, watching both Verdi and Puccini. There we learned that there was a festival of Puccini in Torre del Lago – where he lived. We joked: “Ah, we’re not leaving, we’re leaving Verona directly for the festival.” We also bought tickets, but she couldn’t go to this festival. We had other things planned, which I hope we will realize in time because of her.

He was an extremely loyal and devoted friend. The last text messages she sent are with me, so I can’t help but be grateful for the attitude. I hope it’s in a better place.

Venelina Gocheva:

She felt needed when she had to help

This nightmarish year began on January 1 with the news that she was gone. Hundreds of times I imagine how the super-emotional Silva would experience everything that happened in this COVID hell with her friends, family, strangers …

Because she felt sorely needed when she had to help someone. He did it with a zeal he never allowed himself to use when Silva herself had a problem.

He dreamed of editing books after a grueling 25-year television marathon. This gave her a dose of calm and the answer to one of the three riddles of her beloved Turandot. “What constantly fills a person’s heart? “HOPE.”

Hopefully, from where Silva is looking at us, only the good things that are happening here can be seen. To keep her smiling, happy to have taken care of the whole world.

Michaela Kalaydzhieva:

Love, friendship, sensitivity, travel

These are the words that describe Silva. There are many more, but it seems that She is the most in them. We have known her since 2005, but we became really close in Sicily in 2012. Then the travels began, almost every month somewhere – me, her and Rossi. It was magical, somehow we were on the same page. We drank wine in the South of France, walked around Venice, fed the monks in Burma, tried the nightlife in Shanghai and Hong Kong, visited all the Buddhas in Thailand, toured Laos, enjoyed concerts in London and many other places, sang in Kovachevitsa. .. There was nothing that did not bring us pleasure when we were together. We talked about everything, there were no taboo topics. She was sensitive, I was pragmatic. Somehow we balanced.
When she broke up with Nova TV, she went to her Kovachevitsa. She was happy there. The last message from there was: “Honey, I am happy again. I work in the kitchen at the brothers’ pub and I feel very well. I peel garlic and clean mushrooms … with pounds. I’m alive again. ” The truth is that he took his parting with Nova very hard. That was her life.

Trajan Orfanidu:

It was distributed unreservedly,

he was a friend

Silveto was a friend to me.

Friendship is not just meetings over cups of coffee and pleasant female conversations. It is responsibility, devotion, sincerity, tolerance and most of all a willingness to sacrifice the personal in front of friendly needs and desires. This was Silva for me and for all of us who were her close friends.

She possessed the extraordinary sensitivity and sensuality that everyone seeks to receive, and she gave it to him unreservedly. We miss him a lot.

Galina Grudova:

With finesse he drove a bunch of strong ones

men to follow her with a smile

in the largest Bulgarian media

I can hardly express in words how great Silva was and how much she was missed by all who were worthy of her friendship! I remember very well our first meeting, when we were finally introduced to each other many years ago.

I had heard and read about her, I thought I was prepared, but in fact she struck me and left me speechless… What a magnificent woman, so beautiful with her transparent fine skin, warm, smiling eyes and impeccable style.

She wore a string of huge pearls, a silk dress in her favorite navy blue, moved and radiated the finesse of a noble lady she really was! Even then I knew that she would become my muse… It was a perfect moment for me! I was so impressed that I was afraid to be around her before I became worthy of her! Very soon, getting to know her, I began to realize what makes everyone around her calm down.

Silva had a huge, tender heart. She was also the most generous and kind person I had ever met. There was no noble cause, no suffering child, or anyone’s pain to pass.

At the same time, she easily managed the largest Bulgarian media – her creation, in fact. Every day I enjoyed the finesse with which she made a bunch of strong men follow her with a smile !! Silva was a born leader! She was my faithful friend, my mentor, my example of everything. It’s been almost a year, I last heard it that day. And now I talk to her often, before any important decision I think about what Silva would do. Can I be as worthy as she is?

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