10 hidden health risks for losing weight fast … know them

Some people think that following systems and methods that contribute to rapid weight loss is a good thing, and what many overlook is that this involves many health risks that a fitness and sports nutrition specialist, Moataz Al-Qabai, talked about, according to Sada Al-Balad.

The doctor explained that many girls and young men are deceived by following diet regimens that count kilograms in a certain period, and commercial advertisements that promise them to lose weight in a short period.

Regarding rapid weight loss methods, many people make unhealthy choices and follow unhelpful diets, including:

1- Surgical operations, including conversion, sleeve and liposuction operations.

2- Slimming drugs and fat burners.

3- Harsh diet regimens, such as chemical regimes, keto, and the water diet.

The doctor emphasized that although all the aforementioned systems have effective results in effective weight loss, they all leave the body with heavy losses, and cause serious health risks that are difficult to solve later.

1- Sagging skin.

2- Rapid loss of visceral fat may lead to serious health problems such as kidney failure.

3- Anemia due to a lack of important nutrients in harsh diet regimes.

4- Health problems due to the use of fat burners, especially those that contain a high percentage of caffeine, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

5- Infection with psychological and neurological diseases such as depression, as a result of using fat burners, which affect the satiety centers in the brain and block the appetite.

6- Infection due to the use of hormones for slimming.

7 – Infection with colon and stomach cancers due to the use of slimming tea, which works on injury and chronic diarrhea, as well as loss of important vitamins and nutrients.

8- Infection with a deficiency in fat-soluble vitamins A & D & E & K due to the use of fat burners that work to reduce the fats consumed in the meal.

9- The incidence of osteoporosis and premature aging due to weight-loss surgeries.

10- Returning the lost weight again after stopping the diet due to deprivation. As a result, there is a binge eating forbidden foods and an increase of many times the lost weight.

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