10 Early Symptoms of Diabetes in Men to Watch Out for, Frequent Thirst and Erectile Dysfunction

10 Early Symptoms Diabetes in Men to Watch Out for, Often Thirst up Dysfunction Erection

POSBELITUNG.CODiabetes is a chronic condition characterized by the body’s inability to produce or utilize sufficient insulin.

This can be caused by several factors; environment, lifestyle and genetics.

It is often assumed that the prevalence of diabetes is not biased by sex.

However, several studies have shown that the risk of diabetes is greater in men than in women.

A study showed that the prevalence of diabetes (type 2) was 14.6% in men and 9.1% in women due to a greater amount of visceral fat (fat stored in the abdominal area).

Another study showed that fathers with diabetes (type 1) were more likely to pass the condition on to their children than mothers with diabetes.

However, diversity in biology, lifestyle, culture, socioeconomic status, genetics, nutritional factors and overall sex hormones contribute to diabetes risk.

Recognizing these symptoms at an early stage can prevent death.

Symptoms may look different in men compared to women.

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