10 Cryptocurrencies In December 2021

There are more than 10K of digital currencies in the world. The popular ones include Bitcoin, ETH, Tether and Dogecoin, to name a few. These are gaining overwhelming response globally, and many more nations have come forward to adopt them. However, there are so many looking for the top digital coins performing the best this December 2021. However, we have enlisted here the top 10 digital currencies. So, let’s roll them down the best here in this post. However, if you intend to check in details, look at the website – btcrevolution.io . Now, let’s check the top 10 Digital coins along with their market cap and value.

1). Bitcoin

It is known as BTC, and the coin has a market cap of around 1.09 Trillion USD. It came in 2009 by a mystery man called Satoshi Nakamoto 2009 working on the technology called Blockchain. It works as a P2P transaction mode and a network of countless computers. As a result, the coin price has gone in a big way, making the digital coin a household name globally. In 2016, the value of the coin was somewhere 500 USD, and now in December, it cost around 60K plus USD.

2). Ethereum

It comes with a market cap of around 558 B USD and works on Blockchain like the BTC. It was developed in 2012 by a Canada based software programmer, and it even acts like NFT and other things. The coin has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth in recent years, and we can now find an overwhelming surge of this coin in terms of value and growth. However, the cost seemed to have gone up to 11K in the recent past.

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3). Binance Coin

Commonly known as BNB, it has a market cap of around 104 Billion USD. The coin seemed to have come along the popular ones in the recent past, and it has given a decent amount of fee coming on the top as the most prominent digital currency exchanges across the globe. We first heard about BNB in 2017, and now it has a good payment processing option looking at the travel arrangements.

4). Tether

It is commonly called USDT, with a market cap of around 73 B USD. It remains a stable coin that means working on currencies like USD and Euro and adding the equal value of every single denomination. Theoretically speaking, the value of Tether seems more consistent when compared with other digital coins.

5). Solana

Commonly known as Solana, it has a market cap of 64 B USD. It acts like a decentralized token – DeFi and DApps. It works over a unique kind of PoS and PoH systems that further help process various transactions in no time. SOL is a native digital token that works on the said platform.

6). Cardano

It comes up with a market cap of around 52 B USD and is known more as ADA. We see somewhere coming up with the crypto-based scene and thus are seen coming along with Cardano that remains pretty easy to go for a PoS validation. This same option can help expedite various time, energy, and environmental transactions.

7). XRP

It has a market cap of around 47 B USD, and the people behind this coin are the founders of Ripple. It acts like a digital technology that works as a payment option and acts like any facilitating exchange found in different kinds of currency.

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8). US Dollar Coin

It is commonly denoted as USDC with a market cap of around 38 B USD. Like Tether, we have USDC now acting as a dollar that further helps work with the 1:1 ratio with the US Dollar. In addition, the coin gets support from ETH and is known to have a global transaction.

9). Polkadot

It is commonly known as Dot, which has around 37 B USD. It works on several Blockchain blocks and intends to club with digital currency networks apart from Blockchains. Their integration remains impressive, and it was launched in 2020 with the current price being around 38 USD.

10). Dogecoin

It is a newly introduced coin known as DOGE having a market cap of around 28 B USD. This coin has remained a popular topic as many celebrities and millionaires like Elon Musk support the coin. It started with a pun in 2013; however, it gained popularity recently.

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