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The security expert spotted 10 ads in the Apple App StoreDiscover and report fraudulent apps.

We advise users to remove it from their iPhone.

Security Experts Spot 10 Advertising Fraud Apps in Apple’s App Store

According to MacRumors, Bleeping ComputerSecurity experts from HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence team report they found 10 ad fraud apps in Apple’s App Store.

Advertising fraud apps disguise themselves as legitimate appsi phoneIt is designed to generate revenue by displaying a large number of advertisements to users.

The ad fraud app discovered was part of an ad fraud campaign called “Scylla”.the third wave of fraudulent activity first discovered in August 2019.

Although it is an English name, there are many gaming applications, as follows.

  • Loot the castle – com.loot.rcastle.fight.battle (id1602634568)
  • Run Bridge – com.run.bridge.race (id1584737005)
  • Shinning Gun – com.shinning.gun.ios (id1588037078)
  • Racing Legend 3D – com.racing.legend.like (id1589579456)
  • Rope Runner – com.rope.runner.family (id1614987707)
  • Wood sculptor – com.wood.sculptor.cutter (id1603211466)
  • Fire-Wall – com.fire.wall.poptit (id1540542924)
  • Ninja Critical Strike – wger.ninjacriticalhit.ios (id1514055403)
  • Tony Runs – com.TonyRuns.game

HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence team reports that Apple has already removed 10 ad fraud apps from the App Store, but experts recommend removing them when they are installed on your iPhone.

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