1 everyday living, previews 1 and 2 September 2022: Valeria sees Rodrigo all over again!

Rodrigo and Valeria / One life

Rodrigo and Valeria / One particular life (image by Mediaset)

Lolita decides to contend with Ramon for the cash he has concealed, but the man does not intend to provide explanations she then tries to examine with Fidel, who, however, statements to know practically nothing and tries to reassure her. Felipe asks Dori to give him back her diary and announces that she will be on the medications all over again.

Guillermo and Azucena casually bump into every other and promptly the knowledge is revived, however interrupted by Angel’s intervention. Hortensia wants to individually exploit the land of the household estate. Rodrigo escapes and breaks into Valeria’s dwelling. The latter, immediately after sensation terrible for her shock, asks him to lastly inform her the total truth of the matter.

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