1 and a half tonnes of narcotics seized on the A31 motorway

Customs officers in Dijon seized 1,500 kg of resin and cannabis herb on board a truck registered in Spain. The driver, German, was indicted.

A Volvo brand truck registered in Spain, 28 pallets, 1500 kg of weed and cannabis resin. This could be the summary of the seizure of customs officials from the Dijon internal surveillance brigade which took place on November 18.

That day, traveling on the A31 motorway in the direction of north-eastern France, the truck was taken by the patrol at Til Ch√Ętel. On board, 1000 kg of cannabis resin and 500 kg of grass. Also on board, a 58-year-old German driver, placed in customs detention according to information provided by a press release from the Dijon prosecutor.

Up to 10 years in prison for the truck driver

“The driver indicated to be employed by a Spanish transport company and to have taken into account the load in Spain to deliver it to Germany. He declared not to know the nature of the load which he was transporting”, specifies the press release.

Indicted and remanded in custody on November 21 for transporting and possessing narcotics, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

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