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Pol. Maj. Gen. Pornchai Sutirakhun, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Police Hospital As the supervision of the Institute of Forensic Science, the police hospital identified the results of autopsy of two deaths in the local Chokchai Police Station found death from respiratory system and heart failure. The doctor has biopsies of all parts of the internal organs for examination through the laboratory as well as examining the nasal cavity and oral cavity. To find out if the deceased took drugs Or abusing milk powder Too large until death, according to the local police, initially or not. Which will expedite the results of examination in the laboratory within 1-2 days

Maj. Gen. Pornchai said that the condition of the body Externally, there were no differences from deaths from the use of kenam that were examined from Police Station at Wat Phraya Krai in any way without any wounds on the body Or a clear indication Therefore, it cannot be concluded in the first place that both cases live from the use of powdered milk. In addition, a sample of evidence from the local police will be coordinated for further investigation of the cause of death.

As for the two objects of witnesses sent by Wat Phraya Krai Police Station to be examined and they were found to be two formulas, the latest forensic science, the police hospital, has sent the results of the verification back to the local police and has not sent anything Check further.

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