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01.08.20 [Přehled trhu+ETH] Ethereum soon for $ 400? Take a look at the chart


Ethereum is very popular in 2020 and the result is up to 168% appreciation to the current value. In today’s analysis, we will look at the development of the graph and the nearest interesting values ​​that await us.

Yesterday, we reached a marketcap value of USD 334 billion (+ USD 6 billion / 24 hours). This week we are recording a low of USD 271 billion and a high of USD 334 billion. Bitcoin is low at $ 9,900 over the same period. We are currently worth $ 11,300 for one BTC coin. Bitcoin dominance is declining (1D.) And is now at 62.4 percent.

Selected coins from the top capitalization for yesterday:

Bitcoin (BTC) $11 105,37 USD (-0,97%)

ChainlinkChainlink (LINK) $7,53 USD (5,61%)

The best growth from the top 100 marketcap yesterday was recorded by:

Evaluation of the situation on the world market

For yesterday:

SP500: -0,56 %. NASDAQ: 0,19 %. GOLD: 0,64 %. DOW J.: -1,02 %

We have a new high of 2020 here at $ 344. That means + 23.33% in the last 7 days and 168% appreciation in 2020. These are just a few statistics of how the ETH 2.0 proof of stake update pushes the price up this year Etherea. Despite delays in the launch date, testing, etc., this does not affect the final impact of ETH and investors make it known on the price and chart.

After a minor coronation and a market slump, we are on a new record for the current year 2020 (high 2020). The big move at the ETH came at a time when we had been moving sideways for a long time with the value of the previous resistance at $ 247. After breaking this value, there was a large movement of investors on the basis of ETH 2.0, when further preparations and progress were completed. The year 2020 is thus extremely favorable for ETH and investors hope that Ethereum could perform well in the years to come.

The closest resistance is the values ​​of 366 and then 425 USD, this is a large range of resistance, which we still have here from the summer of 2019. We have reached the maximum of the last 365 days. Support will be $ 247.

ATTENTION: No data in the article is an investment board. Before you invest, do your own research and analysis, you always trade only at your own risk. The kryptomagazin.cz team strongly recommends individual risk considerations!



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