???????? The Apple Store Sainte-Catherine closed again due to the coronavirus

L’Apple Store Saint Catherine, in Montreal, closed its doors again at the end of last week. Onlookers who show up in front of the big shop in the city center come across a poster explaining that the shop is closed ” until further notice “. The builder has Explain at CTV that the health conditions related to COVID-19 ” in some of the communities we serve “Force the manufacturer to temporarily close the store.

The Apple Store Sainte-Catherine, in times of pandemic.

Apple « follow the situation closely », While Montreal is one of the Canadian metropolises most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Rumor has it that this closure was decided following the contamination of an employee, but the company does not want to confirm anything. To a customer who had to take back her Mac left for repair, an Apple Store employee did not want to confirm whether there had been a positive case for COVID-19 within the team.

This is not without worrying this customer: she believes that Apple should ” revealing the truth (…) it’s really bad for the public image [de l’entreprise] “. The problem here is that this employee may have infected colleagues or even clients. Apple users who really need a repair can always try their luck in the stores of Laval and of Brossard, very close to Montreal, which are still open like the manufacturer’s other Canadian stores.


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