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[사회]”10 people in one shot, even without masks”… inmate’s family’pain’


It has been argued that 10 non-confirmed patients were quarantined in oriental medicine at the eastern detention center in Seoul, where the outbreak occurred, or that masks were not administered.

This is what the prisoners told their families,

In response, the Ministry of Justice said that it is securing space by transporting the confirmed patients and providing additional masks.

Reporter Eom Yoon-joo.


This is a letter from an inmate in their 40s at the Eastern Detention Center to their family on the 21st.

It is written that 10 non-confirmed people lived in the room where 4 to 5 people stayed after a bunch of infections occurred in the first thorough examination, and even a picture is drawn.

It complains that it is a poor environment where you cannot even move when lying down.

[이진숙 (가명) / 40대 수감자 어머니 : 2m 거리 두기하고 5인 이상은 모이지도 말라고 벌금도 물고 그랬잖아요. 그런데 여기에 10명을 넣는다는 건 이건 너희들은 병 걸려서 죽으라는 소리밖에 더 되느냐는 거예요.]

The prisoner was later confirmed on the 23rd at the second thorough examination.

After hearing the news, the family contacted the detention center, but it was difficult to know whether the person was moved to Cheongsong prison, what was the condition, and the exact situation.

[이진숙 (가명) / 40대 수감자 어머니 : (청송으로 이감된 것도) 오늘 안 거예요. 전화해서. 그래서 어제 전화를 또 했죠. 동부구치소에, 궁금하잖아요. 어디에 있는지, 어디가 있는지도 모르고 구치소에 있는지, 청송을 갔는지 모르니까.]

Inmate’s families also claimed that the mask management in the detention center was a mess.

When the prisoners bought their own masks, there were cases where they only wore masks or not at all.

[이진숙 (가명) / 40대 수감자 어머니 : 마스크는 며칠씩 쓰는 것 같아요. 없는 사람들은 일회용을 며칠씩 쓰고 뒤집어서도 쓰고 그러더라고요. 얘기 들으니까.]

On the 22nd, the family of a confirmed inmate in their 60s also burned.

[김민지 (가명) / 60대 수감자 딸 : 한 방에 몇 명이 생활하느냐고 물어보니까 그건 알려줄 수 없다는 답변이 오고, 의료진이 또 얼마나 있는지도 알려줄 수 없다는 답변만 받았고요. (아버지가) 심각한 상황이 되면 따로 연락을 드리겠다는 거예요.]

I am even more worried because the imprisoned family has an underlying disease.

[김민지 (가명) / 60대 수감자 딸 : 정상적인 사람도 코로나19에 걸려서 이틀 만에 사망할 정도로 위험한 건데 아버지는 또 기저 질환이 있는 사람이라 걱정이 많이 되기도 하고.]

Inmates were also caught waving paper outside the detention center window.

It contained content that 8 confirmed patients lived in a single room and prevented them from sending letters to the outside.

In response, the Ministry of Justice refuted that it was not able to provide detailed information such as symptoms without the consent of the person in order to protect personal information, but that it was notifying the family about the confirmation and whether they were transferred to Cheongsong prison.

[법무부 교정본부 관계자 : 병명 같은 부분은 민감한 정보기 때문에 본인 동의가 없으면 가족이라도 알려 줄 수가 없습니다. 이송시키면 이송된 분들의 경우 가족들에게 알려주고 있습니다. 그건 원래 예전부터 그렇게 해왔고요.]

From the end of last month, when quarantine was strengthened, quarantine masks have been provided to all new inmates, but due to budget issues, they explained that only one was paid every 3-4 days.

In addition, it was divided into three groups, including confirmed patients, contacts, and non-confirmed patients due to overcrowding, but he added that now enough space is secured for emergency transportation.

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