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Flesh and blood weapons might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this trading card video game. But if clothes make the man, then tools make the warrior, and combat isn’t much less intense when it’s in maps rather than pixels.

With 9 classes and hundreds of cards to choose from, there are as many ways to construct a deck as there are players. Every effective deck has one thing in common: the weapons to finish the job. Whether you’re drawn to hard offense or powerful protection, your triumph depends on the cards.

10 Nebelblatt

The Mist Blade can be used in 2 different ways, both of which provide a powerful boost to your attack. When the card strikes, it creates a Runenchant token. Runechants are a form of mysterious damage all their own, and as they build up, they can cause a wave of destruction as soon as they trigger.

When Mist Blade is played with a non-attack card, a plus 3 power is added instead. On its own, the card has a stamina of one, effectively quadrupling its hitting power. It should be noted that this buff is only applied once per turn, so judicious use is required.

9 jaw claws

At first glance, this brute course map might seem unconvincing. For the cost of 2 sources, you can attack.

The special thing about this card is that it can be used a second time if you use a card with a value of 6 or more strength in the same turn. Where the card really shines is in building a powerful late-game or, ideally, game-ending attack.

Combine both the Left and Right Jaw Claw cards to unleash a powerful attack twice in a row that often deals double digit damage and can quickly incapacitate your challenger.

8 Harmonized Kodachi

Harmonized Kodachi is a very solid card and can be reused if a no-cost card is played. This leads to an action point, a reward that gets you ready for the next activity.

Since Harmonized Kodachi is a one-handed tool, you can equip one in each hand. This results in 4 attacks, two activity factors gained and an important impact on your injury. Used at the right time, it can deal a healthy and balanced amount of damage or knock down a four-level barrier, all for the cheap price of one action point per card.

7 Luminaris

When you play Luminaris, each illusionist aura you regulate becomes a tool with a power. These additional tools cost absolutely nothing and are limited to a single move. Unless there is a card in your field stack with a yellow red stripe, then your recently equipped Illusionist Aura Weapons can deal a second wave of damage.

6 Cintari Sabers

Another card that can be considered a dark horse, Cintari Saber knocks you back an action that indicates an attack. If protected by an attack action card, it gains an additional stamina factor until end of turn. With 2 in Stamina right out of the deck, the result is a three-power weapon for an affordable price.

If you can play a card that is certain to get a second action alongside Cintari Saber, the strength bonus is added once more. This attack then has four Strengths instead of three: a ratio of 2 Tenacity for each Activity Factor spent.

5 Anothos

With a price of 3 activity points, Anothos is an expensive card. Still, it’s a worthwhile prize with the four toughness points it bestows on each attack. In addition, if there is a card in the field stack worth 3 or more activity factors, it can deal damage on a devastating scale.

Anothos gains two stamina points from this action, increasing the already powerful hammer to six. Since it is a two-handed tool, it cannot be used with two weapons. However, if the post-turn stacking criteria are met, he’ll definitely get the two extra stamina points for future use.

4 Savoring Blade

Feasting Blade has a Tenacity of 3 and an output for a single hit per turn. Tenacity isn’t its only ability – the card loads up a challenging bonus supply of effects that will mess up your challenger as long as they have a lot more early life than you have.

Because of this, it’s a move best performed with a young hero, who typically has a starting life of 20. Play him against an older hero who primarily has a starting life of 40 and you just robbed him of his ability to boost his life.

3 Aetherweaving Crucible

This tool doesn’t work as a tool in the truest sense of the word, since you can’t attack with Crucible of Aetherweaving. Rather, this two-handed staff gives a raise for the next card played because the move. A mysterious damage boost may not seem like an excellent boost, but it can have surprisingly efficient results.

Don’t forget to trigger the Crucible first before playing your mysterious damage card or you’ll miss the result of the boost. Additionally, it will certainly push with on-hit spells that can trigger various other abilities. This card is an essential for Wizard develops due to its effectiveness.

2 Dusk Blade

Dawnblade comes straight out of the deck and costs an action factor to attack with 3 toughness. If it hits a second time, you get a plus point for toughness. The plus one comes in the form of a counter that is added permanently. However, if the Dawnblade doesn’t strike that turn, the counter must be removed at the beginning of the end phase.

The caution with this effective move is that Dawnblade can’t solo more than one attack per turn. You must play her with a card that allows her a 2nd attack.

1 Teklo plasma handgun

Surely you can route a heavy steam meter for the activity with the Teklo plasma gun and attack with two powers. However, if there are no steam meters, you put one on and go again. They don’t stack, but you get an activity point when resolving the action.

What makes this card a great addition to your deck is its simplicity. Since the action is a strike, you can use the attack as long as you can spend the resource points. It’s hard not to enjoy a map that fully compensates you for resource management.

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