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27.06.2020 – 17:12

Police headquarters in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe (ots)

The meetings registered on Saturday afternoon at Stephanplatz in Karlsruhe took a largely peaceful course. The demonstration under the motto “No place for racism” started at 1 pm and included around 400 participants. At about 2:50 p.m., the meeting leader ended the peaceful protest after a final rally.

Around 50 demonstrators took part in the “All Lives Matter” gathering. This started shortly after 2 p.m. and ended after around 30 minutes.

Before the rallies began, a male had to be briefly detained because he disregarded the instructions of the emergency services and refused to obey a dismissal.

During the demonstrations, there were four provisional arrests following reciprocal assaults between participants in the “No Place for Racism” gathering. The accused were released after the police measures were over, but have to be prepared for the corresponding criminal consequences. In addition, an investigation was initiated to the detriment of the police due to a banner with collectively insulting content that was shown by a left-wing demo participant. A member of the right-wing demonstration was found to have violated the assembly law because he was carrying a cutting weapon.

During the emigration phase there was a physical argument between a total of seven people. Six suspects were then provisionally arrested.

The police chief Lutz Schönthal was satisfied with the course of the demonstrations: “The agreements with the people involved were observed so that there was no excessive emotionalization and, as a result, only a few criminal acts. I am also relieved that there were no emergency services were injured. ”

Please contact:

Raphael Fiedler, press office
Police headquarters in Karlsruhe
Telephone: 0721 666-1111
E-Mail: karlsruhe.pp.sts.oe@polizei.bwl.de

Original content from: Police Headquarters Karlsruhe, transmitted by news aktuell


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