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10.08.2020 – 14:03

Police headquarters in Lübeck

LübeckLübeck (ots)

On Sunday afternoon (August 9th, 2020) the police were informed of a vehicle combination consisting of a car and a boat trailer, which was driving in a conspicuous manner on the BAB1 in the direction of Hamburg. The team was stopped at 2:20 p.m. near Oldenburg Süd and subjected to a check.

During the inspection of the Danish Ford Focus, it turned out that the 30-year-old driver of Danish nationality did not have a valid driver’s license, but instead gave the officers a forged copy of a Belgian driver’s license. A check of the Ford Focus in Denmark revealed that the registered owner had recently sold the vehicle and that it had not yet been re-registered.

The breath alcohol test on the driver showed a provisional value of 1.80 per thousand. The driver therefore had to have a blood sample taken at a nearby hospital.

The inspection of the boat led to the result that it had been stolen in Denmark. The theft was not yet known in Denmark; the owner only became aware of this when he checked his boat near Oldenburg.

The four passengers in the Ford Focus all stated that they had lost their papers on the ferry crossing. The personal details of these persons (m / 31; m / 22; w / 19; w / 19) could be determined in cooperation with German and Danish authorities.

On the basis of a formal application by the Danish authorities, all five people were taken to the Central Police Custody. The investigation into the described case is being carried out at the Scharbeutz police, motorway and district district.

Please contact:

Police headquarters in Lübeck
Press office
Dierk Dürbrook
Phone: 0451-131 2004/2015
E-Mail: pressestelle.luebeck.pd@polizei.landsh.de

Original content by: Police Directorate Lübeck, transmitted by news aktuell


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