▷ POL-E: Mülheim ad Ruhr: wheel nuts on car tires loosened – police are looking for witnesses

01.10.2020 – 17:00

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45473 MH.-Heißen: The owners of a silver Opel Zafira discovered on Wednesday afternoon (September 30th) that all wheel nuts on a tire had been loosened. The responsible traffic commissioner 3 is now looking for witnesses. A couple from Mülheim (50.51) parked their vehicle on the Steigerweg on Tuesday evening, September 29th. When they set off in the vehicle the following day, they immediately noticed that the Zafiras was driving abnormally. After they stopped and checked the vehicle, they discovered that all of the wheel nuts on the left front tire had been loosened. The police asks witnesses or neighbors from Steigerweg to report to the police if they have observed any suspicious people or findings on Wednesday night. Information is received under 0201 / 829-0. / YH

Please contact:

Police Essen / Mülheim an der Ruhr
Press office
Telephone: 0201-829 1065 (outside of office hours 0201-829 7230)
Fax: 0201-829 1069
E-Mail: [email protected]


Original content by: Essen Police, transmitted by news aktuell


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