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14.08.2020 – 12:23

Police food

Food (ots)

45289 E.-Burgaltendorf: Yesterday evening (August 13th, around 6:15 p.m.) a senior couple dialed the emergency number because, according to their own statements, they had been repeatedly threatened by a 68-year-old neighbor – who later resisted those called for help Officials.

The two spouses (w 71 / m 70) stated that the 68-year-old was initially very aggressive towards them and threatened them in order to then lock themselves in their apartment.

The 68-year-old did not respond to requests from the police, who called for help, and the fire brigade to open the door, so that the door was finally opened from the outside for reasons of security. The elderly woman expressed her displeasure with this measure with cold coffee, which she poured into the faces of the police and firefighters. Then she quickly closed the door again. When the door was opened from the outside again, the elderly woman cursed the police officers with uplifted hands. She was calmed down shortly afterwards and then taken to the hospital. The police are investigating threats and resistance./SyC

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Original content by: Essen Police, transmitted by news aktuell


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