▷ POL-E: Essen: alcoholic couple harassed passers-by and express themselves loudly …

19.05.2020 – 12:28

Police food

Food (ots)

45145 E.-Frohnhausen: Yesterday evening (May 18 at around 7 p.m.) several passers-by reported a heavily drunk couple at Frohnhauser Platz who were loudly making xenophobic statements and insults. Even in the presence of the officials called for help, the two Essenes (50/61) continued to express themselves xenophobic and condescending. When the police asked for IDs, the 61-year-old suddenly jumped up, hit the park bench with his fist and walked up to the officers with his arms raised. Only the threat of pepper spray calmed his mind. The aggressive and uncooperative couple was taken into police custody to prevent further crime. On the way there and in custody, they insulted the police several times. You must now answer for hatred, insults and attempted bodily harm. (ChWi)

Please contact:

Police Essen / Mülheim an der Ruhr
Press office
Telephone: 0201-829 1065 (outside of office hours 0201-829 7230)
Fax: 0201-829 1069
E-Mail: pressestelle.essen@polizei.nrw.de


Original content by: Essen Police, transmitted by news aktuell


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