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01.01.2021 – 12:09

Police Düsseldorf

DüsseldorfDüsseldorf (ots)

On the occasion of the turn of the year 2020/2021, the state capital’s police draws an initial preliminary assessment of their New Year’s Eve in the city. In the old town in particular, no outstanding facts have so far been known. Public places remained almost deserted.

In times of the corona pandemic, the turn of the year was also special for the Düsseldorf police. As in previous years, the police had a strong presence under the direction of Police Director Thorsten Fleiß. “A safe turn of the year was our top priority. In addition, it was not clear whether everyone would behave sensibly. That is why we did not leave anything to chance when we had enough police officers.”

Apparently, however, the appeals had shown their effect in advance. Public spaces remained almost deserted in damp and cold weather. Around midnight there were only individuals and small groups in the old town. Overall, the police experienced a calm situation that cannot be compared with previous years. In this way, police officers could be gradually released from the mission at an early stage. Unlike in previous years, the New Year’s Eve assignment ended at 3 a.m. for most of the workers. Subsequently, the central police station was still present on site with foot strips and observed what was still inconspicuous.

Here is the preliminary balance of the turn of the year in numbers (as of 6 a.m.):

During the New Year’s Eve, 63 people were checked (previous year 178). 29 people had to be sent off (previous year 102). Two people were temporarily taken into custody (previous year 12). The officers wrote a criminal complaint for assault (previous year 19). So far, two pickpocketing offenses have been reported (previous year 14).

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In close cooperation with the city, the measures taken by the public order office to comply with the corona protection regulations were also supported. The city of Düsseldorf announced a balance sheet.

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