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17.05.2021 – 15:18


Munich (ots)

On the long weekend of Pentecost there will be the first big wave of travel of the year and thus significantly more traffic jams than in the previous weeks. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the ADAC expects a similar traffic situation as Pentecost 2020: Many traffic disruptions – but far from the level of previous years before Corona. A year ago, the experts counted 3591 traffic jams with a total length of 5072 traffic jams on motorways from Friday to Whit Monday. In 2019, however, there were 5518 traffic jams with a length of 11,600 kilometers. That was around 35 percent fewer traffic jams than in 2019.

The current travel restrictions are being relaxed more and more across Germany, although the federal government continues to call for restraint when traveling. In some parts of Germany, the tourist offer is now available again. Since trips abroad are still restricted and long-term vacation planning was only possible to a limited extent, many Germans will decide on a short trip by car in their own country.

In addition, the Whitsun holidays begin in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate and end after the holidays in Saxony-Anhalt. In some federal states there is still no school on Tuesday, May 25th.

As in previous years, the ADAC sees a risk of congestion on the autobahns, especially on Friday afternoons and early evenings, Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons. When the weather is nice, there are delays caused by day trippers on the arterial roads from the cities to the local recreation areas on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Drivers must expect heavy traffic every day. The otherwise usual truck driving ban on Sundays and public holidays has been partially relaxed in the wake of the Corona crisis.

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There is a particular risk of congestion on the following routes:

 -  Großräume Hamburg, Berlin, Köln, München 
 -  Fernstraßen zur Nord- und Ostsee 
 -  A 1 Hamburg - Bremen - Dortmund - Köln 
 -  A 3 Würzburg - Nürnberg - Passau 
 -  A 4 Kirchheimer Dreieck - Erfurt - Dresden 
 -  A 5 Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Basel 
 -  A 6 Mannheim - Heilbronn - Nürnberg 
 -  A 7 Hamburg - Flensburg 
 -  A 7 Würzburg - Ulm - Füssen/Reutte 
 -  A 8 Stuttgart - München - Salzburg 
 -  A 9 Nürnberg - München 
 -  A 61 Mönchengladbach - Koblenz - Ludwigshafen 
 -  A 81 Stuttgart - Singen 
 -  A 93 Inntaldreieck - Kufstein 
 -  A 95/B 2 München - Garmisch-Partenkirchen 
 -  A 99 Umfahrung München  

The risk of congestion is particularly high on permanent construction sites, of which there are currently more than 800.

At the borders, drivers have to expect waiting times due to corona checks. Traveling abroad is still associated with large editions. Since returnees from a European risk area no longer have to be in quarantine if the test is negative, holiday travel to Austria and Switzerland can also be expected. Both countries for their part also allow tourist entry without quarantine (Austria from May 19).

All details about border controls can be found at adac.de.

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