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The two large precious metal houses pro aurum and Ophirum have the joint venture company pro aurum Tresorgold GmbH founded, in which both companies each have a 50 percent stake. The sole business purpose of the new company is to enable private and institutional investors to enter into and manage a gold savings plan.

New gold savings plan on the market

For Claus Gabler, co-managing director of pro aurum GmbH, exchanging money for gold makes more sense than ever in view of the steadily growing amount of money and mountains of debt as well as ongoing concerns about inflation. He says: “With a view to the current retirement provision, promises to pay are developing in many places that will hardly be able to be fulfilled. The new gold savings plan from pro aurum and Ophirum can help reduce this risk.”

Through the cooperation between pro aurum and Ophirum, investors can access a mature, established technical solution – and this with extremely favorable conditions. Particular emphasis was placed on three aspects: transparency, flexibility and security.

“With the jointly launched gold savings plans, we are bundling our many years of market expertise and offer investors the opportunity to invest small amounts in physical gold. In addition to direct investments in physical gold, investors also benefit from the so-called cost-average effect. to build up substantial assets with full flexibility and at particularly attractive conditions, “says Markus Berger, Managing Director of Ophirum GmbH.

The gold savings plan offers these features

With the conclusion of a gold savings plan from pro aurum Tresorgold GmbH, investors can determine which amount of capital should be invested in gold each month, whereby one-off payments are also possible in principle. The customers of pro aurum Tresorgold GmbH save on specific gold coins or bars that are physically deposited in the high-security safe. There is a choice of two bar products and four different gold ounce coins. The minimum savings rate is 25 euros per month. For the safekeeping of the physical products, 0.75 percent of the respective value of the goods or, alternatively, a minimum fee of 5.90 euros per quarter apply.

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In order to ensure a separation between the dealer and warehouse clerk, the acquired gold is not stored at pro aurum, but in the high-security vault of the global security company Brinks in Frankfurt. This gold is 100 percent owned by the respective customer. The gold savings plan scores points above all for its high degree of flexibility, after all, you can suspend the savings plan at any time or change the amount of the savings if necessary.

In addition, there is always the option of reselling gold that has already been purchased online at no additional cost. Upon request, stocks of coins or bars can be delivered for a fee or picked up in the branches of pro aurum or Ophirum. After every gold purchase, a statement of the shares (rounded down to five decimal places) is sent by email. Customers can have the current gold holdings displayed at any time via an overview of assets in the password-protected customer area.

About pro aurum GmbH: The precious metal house pro aurum is one of the largest providers of precious metal services in the German-speaking region and was the first company to enable online trading in precious metals in 2004. The company currently has branches in Munich, Bad Homburg, Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Zurich.

About Ophirum GmbH:Ophirum is a company specializing in precious metals, which is one of the largest providers in both online and branch business. Ophirum has branches in the following cities: Frankfurt, Lindau, Würzburg, Dresden, Cologne, Essen, Mannheim, Regensburg, Augsburg, Bremen, Hilden, Stuttgart, Bonn and Leipzig. In addition to the gold business, Ophirum is a pioneer in many gold-based investment products.

Additional Information:

Here you can find general information about our gold savings plan:


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And here we clearly answer the most important questions about our new product:


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