▷ IW Director Prof. Michael Hüther: The petrol price cap makes no sense

10.11.2021 – 10:31


Bonn / Berlin (ots)

The director of the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (IW), Prof. Michael Hüther, only advocates tax measures to relieve private households with rising energy prices. “In view of the great transformation towards climate neutrality, we are increasing the prices for fossil fuels. We are doing this through the CO2 prices that have been in effect since the beginning of the year,” explains Hüther in an interview with Phoenix. “At the end of the day, the consumer is the one who should respond, otherwise we will not get out of the fossil fuel base of the economy.” Since there is no alternative to the energy transition away from fossil sources, it “now makes no sense to think about a petrol price cap or similar things, but to look in general at how we can provide relief to private households through tax measures”, according to the economic researcher’s proposal.

Hüther sees the starting position for the German economy as positive for 2022 despite corona-related difficulties. “We don’t really have the question of back orders – they are good and high. The order books are full and so the ignition key is in,” said the IW director. The problem currently lies in the lack of supplies. “We want to start, but the engine, so to speak, does not have enough opportunities to act out that. That is the picture with which we go into the year 2022, in the hope of being able to catch up a lot.” For example, the automotive industry lacked semiconductors for production. “The most massive thing is that we are so severely restricted on the production side that we have gone down to a level – for example in the automotive industry, which is of great importance for the German economy – that we have not seen for decades.” In this area, Hüther predicts that “the problems will continue well into 2022, so we will still have work to do there. Other delivery problems are being corrected somewhat.”

The conversation with Prof. Michael Hüther will be available shortly on phoenix.de, on our YouTube channel and in the ARD media library.

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