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27.11.2020 – 18:29

Mülheim an der Ruhr fire department

Mülheim an der Ruhr (ots)

At 3:18 p.m., the control center of the Mülheim an der Ruhr fire brigade was informed of a triggered home smoke detector in an apartment building on Moränenstraße. When the emergency services arrived, the caller immediately drew attention to himself and instructed the emergency services. The affected apartment was on the second floor. To investigate the situation, both a team via the entrance through the stairwell and the turntable ladder from outside were deployed. The emergency services were able to gain non-violent access to the affected apartment via the balcony. The all-clear could quickly be given. At the time of the operation there was no person in the apartment and a fire incident could not be determined. Parallel to the ongoing operation, the control center of the Mülheim fire brigade was informed at 3:26 p.m. by a beeping smoke alarm on Liebigstrasse in Mülheim-Broich. The alarmed management service, the fire brigade of the fire and rescue station 2 and the ambulance of the German Red Cross met two roommates on arrival. These were able to give the fire brigade access to the building. The triggered smoke alarm could be heard clearly and loudly from the apartment. A slight odor was noticeable. Since nobody answered the loud knock on the door, the door was forcibly opened by the fire department. The preceding attack force, wearing respiratory protection, reported by radio a significant amount of smoke and burned food on the stove. To the surprise of all emergency services, the troop found the two residents sleeping. These could be taken outside and handed over to the rescue service. However, the emergency doctor who was requested could quickly give the all-clear. Fortunately for them, the two were unharmed and were able to return to their apartment after the ventilation measures were completed. The fire brigade was on duty for around 45 minutes. Due to the measures, Liebigstraße was completely closed in the area of ​​the access to Duisburger Straße. (KHü / SDa)

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