▷ FW-MH: fire in a kindergarten

21.11.2020 – 15:41

Mülheim an der Ruhr fire department

Mülheim an der RuhrMülheim an der Ruhr (ots)

On November 21, 2020 at around 11.50 a.m., the control center of the Mülheim fire brigade was notified of smoke on the ground floor of an apartment building on Kämpchenstrasse. As it could not be ruled out whether there were still people in the premises, the fire brigades from the Broich and Heißen fire stations, the rescue service with an emergency doctor, and the management service were alerted to the scene using the keyword “room fire with person”. All residents of the house had already escaped outside when the fire brigade arrived. At the place of use, in the premises of a kindergarten, a strong smoke development could be determined. To fight the fire, a group of people wearing respiratory protection and a jet pipe went to the kindergarten. The fire could be located and extinguished quickly in the area of ​​a cooking area. The cause of the fire initially remained unclear. The residents of the apartments above the kindergarten were able to return to their apartments after the extinguishing work was completed. Since the smoke from the fire had spread throughout the kindergarten, the kindergarten cannot be used until further notice. During the extinguishing work, there were significant traffic obstructions in the Kämpchenstrasse / Oberstrasse area. To determine the cause of the fire, the site was handed over to the police after the fire service.


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Mülheim an der Ruhr fire department
Telephone: 0208-455 92
E-Mail: [email protected]

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