▷ FW-F: Apartment fire on the 10th floor in a high-rise building in Niederursel

03.10.2021 – 22:27

Frankfurt am Main fire brigade

Frankfurt am Main (ots)

The volunteer fire brigade from Niederursel and the professional fire brigade were called to Gerhard-Hauptmann-Ring at 19:41, “Fire in a high-rise apartment building, people in danger”. Therefore, a correspondingly large contingent of rescue workers was sent to the site. After the arrival of the first emergency services and the first results of the investigation by the chief of operations on site, a MANV10 situation (mass incidence of injured persons) was also declared, whereby the number of emergency service units alerted was increased again. Respiratory protection troops advanced to the burning apartment on the 10th floor and began the extinguishing work, thereby preventing a flashover from outside onto the apartment above. At the same time, the residents were evacuated by other troops. After a few minutes, the fire in the apartment on fire was under control and post-extinguishing work and smoke extraction began. A total of six people were injured, mainly due to the smoke from the fire, and were looked after by emergency services or taken to a hospital. The fire has now been extinguished, the evacuated residents of floors 7 – 9 were able to return to their apartments, as well as the residents from the 11th floor. The apartments on the 10th floor and the apartment directly above it on the 11th floor are currently uninhabitable. The cause of the fire is unclear and is being determined by the police, and no information is yet available about the amount of damage. The fire brigades were on site with around 50 men, the rescue service with around 30 men and a number of vehicles appropriate to the MANV10 situation.

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