▷ FW Dresden: Attention exercise: Fire in the railway tunnel at Dresden Airport

04.09.2021 – 02:06

Dresden fire brigade

Dresden (ots)

Wann:	04. September 2021 00:55 Uhr
Wo:	Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring

The Dresden fire brigade is currently conducting an operational exercise in the area of ​​Dresden Airport. It is believed that a train’s locomotive caught fire in the central area of ​​the railway tunnel under the airport grounds. Several people are missing or injured. Smoke from the tunnel area penetrates upwards from the ventilation system. Several phases of action were formed and the rescue of the people was initiated. In addition to the Federal Police and the Deutsche Bahn emergency manager, the airport fire brigade is also on duty and provides support in finding people. As part of this operational exercise, the tactical procedure in smoke-filled tunnels, the rescue of people from the wagons and the locomotive as well as the communication channels between all those involved are checked and tested. The rescue of the people from the track area is carried out with special rail trolleys, which are available at the tunnel portals in the event of an emergency and are brought into action by the fire brigade. Numerous groups wearing respiratory protection are currently busy rescuing the people. In addition to the abovementioned forces, a total of 54 emergency services from the fire and rescue stations in Albertstadt and Übigau, the B service, the U service and the Klotzsche district fire department are on duty. Airport operations are not affected by the exercise. The exercise will last until about 3am.

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