▷ Another Snapchat-like feature is coming to Facebook Messenger

Do you want to learn much more about technology and find inspiration to continue growing? This blog is an appreciated resource for you! Another Snapchat-like feature is coming to Facebook Messenger


Ayer exposed another Snapchat-like feature on your mobile Mail app for iPhone and iPad.

As email is now much more visual than ever and Messenger has gained the ability to send high-resolution photos, Facebook is introducing a visual communication feature called World Effects.

Similar to Snapchat, this allows you to drop 3D elements into your environment to catch and share fun moments with family and friends. Among the effects is the addition of a 3D heart that floats above someone’s head. Another lets you add a virtual arrow that points to an exact item or location on the panorama. Another involves a celebratory robot that plays three different types of music.

Watch a short video presentation on World Effects now.

In addition to heart, arrow and robot, other new camera effects include unicorn and word bubbles like “love”, “bae”, “heart” and “miss you”. To add a world effect to a Messenger conversation, tap the camera icon in the chat, then scroll to select the effect you want to add to the image. Helper filters will be added to Messenger over time.

The world effects at this time are shared with everyone.

Let us understand what you think of the effects of the entire world of Messenger now in the comments!

Facebook Messenger is available for free on the App Store.


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