▷ A podcast to decipher the influence of marketing: the rumors of influence

For several years, Reech has published a study to decipher the trends in influence marketing. This year, in parallel, the marketing influence expert launches a podcast: rumors of influence. A great way to spread best practices to a wider audience …

Influencer marketing is not a new concept, far from it. Its growing relevance to brands is constantly changing the digital marketing world, especially after the 2020 pandemic. Each year brings new platforms, new types of content, and new ways brands can interact with their customers.

After complicated years like 2020 and 2021, during which brands have struggled to update their marketing and advertising campaigns to reach an audience suddenly confined and forced to comply with various health measures, 2022 offers new promise. Influencer marketing in particular is stronger than ever!

Video and audio content are gaining ground

Influencer marketing is stronger than ever with a continuous shift from text and images to audio and video content. Text and images aren’t dead yet, of course, with Instagram still being one of the top most used networks. But video and audio content have been gaining more and more popularity over the years, with a huge increase in marketing strategies on TikTok and YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, and other older social networks are also now emphasizing video sharing and launching various social audio features.

Voice seems to be establishing itself as a new digital communication lever. Podcasts, in particular, are on the rise, making it one of the most promising content for brands to invest in marketing, particularly influencer marketing.

Thanks to the collaboration with content creators, there is no shortage of opportunities for companies to place their brand and products on their channels. In fact, 74% of people exposed to an advertisement while listening to a podcast are more likely to visit a company’s website and 65% more likely to purchase a product or service (source: Media et Edison Research announcement results).

Reech has always had a positioning as an expert and educator on the flu market, in particular thanks to its annual study which provides a complete overview of good practices but also thanks to the various conferences organized throughout the year.

It is therefore quite natural that Reech turned to the “podcast” format.

Reech launches his podcast Les Voix de l’Influence

Reech was first launched in September 1is episode of Voices of Influence, a podcast series produced by Double Monde. This original creation is dedicated to influencer marketing in which 6 voices of influence speak and tell their work through their personal and professional experiences as influencers of the biggest brands.

“The idea of ​​this podcast was born from Reech’s desire to change his mind on the leverage of influence and to spread good practices. Voices of Influence is the extension of our positioning: expert, but above all educator and pedagogue on the influenza market since 2015. At the same time, agility and adaptability to the market are an integral part of Reech’s DNA is also a driving force for we. It therefore seemed logical and necessary to adapt our pedagogy on the influence of brands in a format that is popular today: the podcast! ” Guillaume DOKI-THONON, CEO and co-founder of Reech.

“Being at the forefront of innovation in terms of communication is one of Double Monde’s beliefs. The production of the “Voices of Influence” podcast for Reech allowed us to delve into the contents of the podcast and the media that in themselves have an influence. “ Marjorie MURPHY, founder of Double Monde.

These 6 stories, lasting about thirty minutes, are available every Thursday from September 15th on all the usual listening platforms: Apple Podcast, Deezer, Spotify …

Those who wish can subscribe to receive a preview of the podcast episodes in their inbox.

The registration page is available through this registration link.

Marketing Influence: A Leverage That Has Become Essential!

Today, influence marketing occupies an essential place in the digital strategies of brands. In 2 years, the global flu market has gone from 5.5 billion euros in 2019 to 12 billion euros in 2021 according to the latest data released by Reech. And again, 2022 offers new promise.

To see more clearly, Reech publishes a study on influence marketing every year. This year, on the occasion of its 6th edition, this reference point in the world of influence marketing changes format, this time giving the floor to communication and marketing professionals.

How do they see this new era of influence marketing? What is their approach to influencers? Do their methods and points of view correspond to the reality of the market and the expectations of the influencers?

Brand and influencer marketing

Of the 600 surveyed in the study, 74% say they have run at least one influencer campaign in the past two years.

30% say they have integrated influence marketing into their communication strategy for 3 to 4 years compared to 17% of those who have used it for less than a year.

Overall, everyone has a very positive perception of it, which increases with the acquisition of experience in this field. An effective marketing lever for 86% of respondents, influencer marketing is widely perceived as:

  • A means of establishing the reputation of the brand (91%) or of a product (87%);
  • A way to generate brand preferences (82%);
  • A real direct sales channel (66%).

Favorite influencer marketing networks

To carry out their marketing campaigns, brands obviously turn to social networks, starting with the unbeatable Instagram when it comes to influencing marketing. 94% of respondents far prefer this social platform, ahead of YouTube (42%), Facebook and then TikTok, which nevertheless continues its meteoric rise.

As surprising as it may seem, brands seem to focus on the most popular networks, where agencies tend to diversify the networks used during campaigns, beyond the essential Instagram and YouTube.

Other key points from this new study:

  • TikTok ranks first among networks on the rise to integrate into influencer campaigns in 2022;
  • 78% of the interviewees confirm an increase in the budget of influence in their own structure;
  • Brands are mostly satisfied with their collaborations with influencers, which they give the score of 7.1 / 10.

Click here to find the complete study proposed by Reech

Article written in collaboration with Reech

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