▶ Video shows how crowded people attend a concert in Kortrijk: ‘I didn’t feel safe there’

Aurore Commeine from Ledegem made the film just before the performance of the Dutch singer Eefje de Visser. “I left after five minutes. Because I have a daycare center and I can’t risk closing the daycare center because I went to a non-corona-proof concert, ”she says.

To be able to respect the stricter corona measures, the concert was postponed from Thursday 8 to Friday 9 October and moved from De Kreun to the Depart concert hall. In order to respect the stricter corona measures, the purchased tickets for bubbles of five were split into two adjacent bubbles of two and three.

Close together

Yet it did not go quite as it should. As can be seen in the video, the people were very close to each other. “There were barely fifty centimeters between the bubbles on the sides,” says Aurore Commeine The last news. “We sat with our knees against the seats of the people in front of us. And the people behind us sat with their knees against our seats. Mouth mask was mandatory, but with a pint in hand you don’t have to. It was not safe. ”

Commeine left after 5 minutes. “The catering industry must adhere to stricter corona measures, but apparently they do not matter for events ”, she complains. “I hope that the city and Wild West will respond to this, because in such a way the safety of the population is endangered.”

Increase control

The Kortrijk city council and concert organizer Wilde Westen are working together to see how concerts can be organized more corona-safe from now on. Alderman Bert Herrewyn (sp.a) already announced on Facebook that the distance between seats and bubbles must indeed be improved and that there will be an evaluation and adjustment.

“The room layout was in order according to the theoretical model, which prescribes a one meter distance between bubbles,” say N-VA aldermen Axel Ronse and Kelly Detavernier, of Cultuur and Events respectively.

A number of seats may have been moved closer together afterwards. We understand that some people did not feel safe and would like to apologize for this. We evaluate how we can make future concerts in Depart take place, where everyone feels really safe. We may go for a model in which the seats are spaced even further than legally required. We are also increasing enforcement and on-site monitoring. Safety comes first. ”

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