​Zoya Amirin Warns Men To Use Saliva For Lubricants, Want To…

GenPI.co – Sexologist Zoya Amirin gives a firm statement regarding using saliva to lubricate a woman’s sensitive area when playing love in bed.

“I don’t recommend it because later the bacteria in the mouth can interfere with the good bacteria on the women’s side,” explained Zoya Amirin in a virtual discussion on Instagram @ovutest_id, Friday (29/10).

The 46-year-old woman prefers that men use lubricant natural.

“Just use the heating, the man’s anus is slowly inserted, in and out until the woman’s anus is wet itself,” he said.

However, Zoya Amirin also suggested another way to get a woman’s ass wet.

“If it is difficult, use a water-based lubricant without glycerin content,” he said.

If you want to keep using oral, Zoya Amirin prefers to use safety.

That way, it will not cause infection to the female sex organs.

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“Moreover, if a partner has a wound that can be transmitted by using saliva as a lubricant, it can transmit intimate organs afterwards,” he concluded.

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