​Cacao stock split… Will it become a’National People’ after’Messenger’?

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As Kakao decides to split the stock face value, interest is focused on whether the stock will become a’national stock’ following the’national messenger’.

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According to the financial investment industry on the 26th, Kakao held a board of directors the day before and passed an agenda to divide the price per common stock from 500 won to 100 won to expand the number of shares in circulation. As a result, the number of issued shares of Kakao will increase from 87.76 million to 4,435,3100.

Kakao explained, “We want to increase accessibility so that more diverse market participants can invest in Kakao by lowering the share price per share.”

The share price is expected to gain momentum due to Kakao’s par value split. This is because if the transaction volume increases by increasing the participation of minority shareholders in the market, the stock price will rise.

In fact, in October 2018, Naver conducted a par value split, dividing one stock into five shares. Through this, the stock price from the 700,000 won range was lowered to the 130,000 won level, and the stock price continued to rise, and it has grown to a superior stock that currently exceeds 300,000 won.

Samsung Electronics also enjoyed a positive effect of an increase of 60.94% until recently through the par value split in 2018.

Meanwhile, new Kakao shares are expected to be listed on April 15, and trading will be suspended from April 12 to 14.

The agenda is expected to be presented at the shareholders’ meeting on March 29th.

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