Technology We can now create our own Amazon Alexa Skill...

We can now create our own Amazon Alexa Skill in Mexico, automatically and without technical knowledge: this is Blueprints


Today Amazon brings to Mexico ‘Blueprints of Skills’ for Alexa, a new platform that will allow anyone to create a Skill or automatic responses to use with Alexa personally. The most attractive thing is that you do not need technical knowledge, or any programming, everything is done from a web page using templates.

The idea is extremely attractive and interesting, since we can program Alexa to respond as we want to certain questions Or, create create calendars, countdowns, study cards, to-do lists and even jokes. Everything in a personalized way to be used only by us or our family members.

A personal, unique and more useful Alexa

For those who do not know what an Alexa Skill is, it is like an application that is downloaded for use by Alexa and we can take advantage of other sources of information. Well, before, if we wanted to create a Skill, we needed to register with Amazon, program the Skill and send it for review. Now with ‘Blueprints’ it all comes down to entering a web page, filling out a template and waiting a few minutes.

‘Blueprints’ is aimed at the ordinary user of Alexa, not for developers or companies, and is that the objective of this platform is that Alexa can be more useful to us at home and for those who interact with her day by day. For this reason we will see ‘Blueprints’ or predesigned templates for various actions, which we only have to customize at our whim.

For example, we can put our own answer to the question of “Alexa, who is the best mom in the world?”, Or “Alexa, whose turn is it to wash the dishes?”. In fact, we can program Alexa to have random responses, for example in “Alexa, whose turn is it to open the door?”. Come on, we can do from jokes, jokes and compliments, to welcome messages to those who visit our house, we can even program so that Alexa give us the WiFi key in case we forget it.

Blueprints Skills Alexa Mexico

To create our own Alexa Kill we just have to do the following:

  1. Log in to:
  2. Choose a template according to what we are looking for the Skill within the following categories: Home Skills, Fun and Games Skills, Community and Organization Skills and Knowledge and Learning Skills.
  3. Fill in the blanks.
  4. Usar la Skill and Alexa.
  5. We can even share it with others.

Once our Skill is created, it It will be available automatically on all devices with Alexa that we have activated in our account. We can edit it as many times as we want, share it with friends, family and even make it public so that anyone can download it.

There is no limit on the number of Skills we can create, and so far the options are varied. Amazon promises that over time new templates, or ‘Blueprints’, will be added to expand the possibilities of Alexa.

Blueprints Alexa Mexico


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