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We are happy with testing, but are not doing it Inland


RIVM reports this on the basis of joint research with the GGD. The majority of over 50,000 participants in the study think the testing policy is correct. But only 12% of everyone who has complaints can actually be tested. The vast majority (80%) simply go outside.

In forty percent of cases, people say that their complaints are known and always occur or are seasonal, such as hay fever. Not bad, RIVM thinks. “If someone clearly recognizes complaints as usual complaints due to their hay fever or smoker’s cough do not require testing. ”

If those complaints are not known, the following applies: even if they are mild and you only have a small cough, stay at home and have yourself tested.

A complaint? Go test it!

Testing has recently started on a massive scale. In this way ‘the first clusters are found’. The number of infections seems to be slowly increasing, possibly due to that many tests. But RIVM finds it ‘worrying’ that people do not stay at home with corona-like complaints. Forty percent does go to work. Eighty percent continue to shop.

Following the test policy is difficult. “It is also not clear to everyone that the advice is to get tested immediately for one complaint or mild complaints. After all, people are used to not going to the doctor straight away if they have mild health problems and ‘to have a look at it first’, ”writes RIVM.

The institute identifies a ‘difference between intention and behavior’.

Everyone must participate

People who do get tested simply do so to have certainty, to protect others, or to work. “We have recently been able to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus together. This is also reflected in the low percentage of positive tests, ”says RIVM. “It is now important that everyone continues to help prevent the spread of this virus: stay at home with complaints, get tested, keep 1.5 meters away, wash your hands often and avoid crowds.”


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