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Videogames: PS5 already with a defined price ?: this is what the two versions will cost


Sony shared via Twitch and YouTube only the final appearance of the console and some launch games. Unfortunately, the sales price information and the official date of arrival at the stores were not shared.

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As Sony had originally warned, the It will have two versions: a normal one that includes a Blu-Ray reader for physical games, and another version that does not have this optical reader. The reason? Well this is because this console is designed for those users who only play with titles purchased digitally.

Along these same lines, Sony also made the DualSense controller of the PS5, the headphones, a remote control, a camera and a charging station for two controls, although without further details. However, it was not until today that the prices of each of these accessories, as well as of both versions of the new console, were leaked on social networks.

These would be the prices of the consoles and each of the accessories of the PlayStation 5. (Photo: Diffusion)

Thus, as seen in the image above, it finally appears that the PS5 in its normal version it will have a value of 499.90 euros. A rational price, considering that there was speculation that it could cost 600 euros. On the other hand, the PS5 Digital Edition It would be much cheaper, with a value of 399.90 euros, which is the price that the PS4 Pro had at the time, for example.

Following the prices, Sony would also sell a vertical support at 19.90 euros. Also, as can be seen in the image filtered by social networks, the DualSense controller It will cost around 59.90 euros, while the double charging station for controls will have a value of 29.90 euros. The HD camera and the wireless headphonesFor their part, they will be worth 59.90 and 179.90 euros respectively. Crazy.

HD camera, wireless headphones and dual charging station are some of the PS5 accessories to be sold separately.  (Photo: Diffusion)
HD camera, wireless headphones and dual charging station are some of the PS5 accessories to be sold separately. (Photo: Diffusion)

After several months of waiting and rumors, Sony shared with the community the first details of the PlayStation 5. In principle, the presentation was announced through an advertisement in Twitch and then it was confirmed on the social networks of PlayStation, with more than 40,000 reactions and 15,000 comments in a matter of minutes. Without a doubt, the expectation of the community was total for the start of the new generation of video games.

Among its main hardware features of the console, the PS5 It stands out for its AMD Zen 2 CPU of 8 cores and 16 threads at 3.5 GHz., as well as having a total of 16 GB of shared GDDR6 RAM, with a 256-bit interface and bandwidth of 448 GB / s. Finally, the new Sony console will feature an additional NVMe slot, an AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 32 CU, in addition to a maximum frequency of 2.23 GHz (10.28 TFLOPs). Just perfect.



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