Entertainment Video .. Tamim Younes deletes "Salmonella": "Congratulations on you"

Video .. Tamim Younes deletes “Salmonella”: “Congratulations on you”


12:07 PM

Tuesday 07 July 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jayoushi:

In a video clip, which was broadcast on his official account on Instagram, the artist Tamim Younis said, “He is not a singer.”

He stressed during the video, that someone accused his famous song “Salmonella” of inciting violence against women, even though the song’s goal is to shed light on some of the bad acts that some young people follow in the event of rejection from women.

He added: “The song was comic and I was intending to have a dialogue and people would speak.”

He continued: “If I am 50% correct, and a mistake of 50%, I give up my right, because no one imagines that I encourage violence against women, and in the circumstances in which we are my sensitive position, and the most attacking people are supposed to be the most understanding people.”

He continued: “On what you don’t see the video, I will delete the song Salmonella, and I will replace you with a lot of needs, and if I can help, I need it.”

“Tamim” concluded the video: “If there is a need, the women will pass Salmonella, congratulations to you, group.”

And some of the pioneers of social networking sites, recently attacked the song “Salmonella” by Tamim Younes, and confirmed that it incites violence against women, and under the current circumstances, some called for the song to be deleted.

In another context, “Al Youterber” Tamim Younis issued a press statement announcing his departure yesterday to the Internet police, and filed a complaint against everyone who wrote on social media, accusing him of harassing girls.

He wrote in the statement, “These writings have caused great inconvenience to me, my family and my children, and to those who follow me, what I offer them. My purpose of the communication is to send a message that artists should not be an easy catch for those who pretend to be in troubled waters, and to donate everything that I will get from The compensation that she demanded, which is ten million pounds, to the National Council for Women, in appreciation of me for his important and tangible role in facing the issue of harassment of girls.

“The police are currently following the authors of these writings to refer them to the Public Prosecution and then the criminal trial,” Tamim added. “I instructed the lawyer, Professor Dr. Hussam Lutfi, to follow up on his office with this file, which assured me that these writings constitute a crime punishable by imprisonment and fine, as they constitute spa and slander through social media “.

He advised everyone who followed him: “Social communication is not to offend and defame, and to accuse the celebrities of undermining them or blackmailing the public around them. You need treatment and punishment. “


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