Technology Ubisoft Reveals Release Date Game Watch Dogs: Legion: Legal...

Ubisoft Reveals Release Date Game Watch Dogs: Legion: Legal techno


JAKARTA – Game Watch Dogs: Legion is finally officially scheduled for release on 29 October. This information was officially announced by Ubisoft through a virtual presentation titled Ubisoft Forward on July 12.

Along with the release date, Ubisoft also released a gameplay trailer about what features and modes are offered in the Legion series.

Reported Forbes, Watch Dogs: Legion is a Role Playing Game (RPG) about hacking, solving puzzles and recruiting characters on missions against fascism. Being the third series of two series of predecessors, this game will take place in the city of London. The story centers around a group of terrorists fighting against the ruling police in the area.

Carrying the concept of Open-World, in this game you can play anyone – where you can also recruit any desired NPC – and each character chosen will lead you to a destination. Reported by Gamerant, each character in the Watch Dogs series basically has a certain class, such as Hackers, Infiltrators, and Enforcers – looks the same as in the game Cyberpunk 2077.

Each class has its own expertise, such as Hackers can manipulate hyper-connected technology around them. Infiltrators can use a more hidden approach and Enforcers can use firearms.

However, through his presentation, Ubisoft seemed to want to present a more flexible character. In the Legion series, Ubisoft provides a variety of complement to each character such as weapons, gadgets, uniforms, and unique physical, where this will allow them not only to focus on one role from three traditional roles. So in the end, players can explore further and do not need to focus on one specific character for each mission.

In addition to the character modes made in the better version, overall it seems this game will not be much different from its predecessor version. Watch Dogs: Legion seems to be still showing the same tricks in every adventure. So, if you have played the previous version, this new version will not feel familiar when played.



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