World Two passenger trains collided head-on in the Karlovy Vary...

Two passenger trains collided head-on in the Karlovy Vary region. There are dead and dozens injured on the spot


According to the police, a total of about 30 people, including staff, rode on both trains. Police are investigating the accident as a general threat of negligence. All injuries, about two dozen, have already been rescued.

According to the editor of the daily Právo, two sets of Regionova and Regioshark České dráhy collided. Their cabins are demolished. There are about a hundred firefighters on the scene.

“It is not yet possible to specify the total number of injured, it will be 20 to 30 people,” Hes told ČTK, adding that some injuries are serious. Other casualties cannot be ruled out. “Seven crews from the Karlovy Vary region, three from the Ústí nad Labem region and rescuers from Germany are on the scene. We asked for help and air rescue service, and helicopters from the Ústí nad Labem region, from Pilsen and from Chemnitz (Saxon Kamenice) are flying to the site,” said Hes. According to him, two people died in the accident.

According to the spokesman of the Railway Inspectorate, Martin Drápal, the accident occurred between the Nové Hamry station and the Pernink transport station. “According to initial information, there are more injured on the spot. Traffic on the track is interrupted. The Railway Inspectorate will investigate the causes and circumstances of the emergency at the place of its occurrence, ”said Drápal.

Train accident near Pernink

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The accident happened less than a kilometer from the station in Pernink in mountainous terrain, where it is very difficult to intervene. “A group of firefighters and police officers has been set aside to search the area around the crash, because in such cases the injuries happen in shock and they leave the scene of the accident and leave,” Kasal added.


Two passenger trains collided head-on in the Karlovy Vary region. There are dead and dozens injured on the spot. Video: Law / Rudolf Voleman

Video: Rudolf Voleman, Law

According to the spokesman of the Karlovy Vary Regional Hospital, Vladislav Podracký, a so-called trauma plan was announced at the hospital in Karlovy Vary, which is announced in the event of extraordinary events, when more injured people are expected.

Frontal collision of two passenger trains U Perninku in Karlovy Vary

Photo: Jiří Forman /

Czech Railways deployed on the line in the section Nejdek – Nové Hamry
alternative bus transport.

The line connects Karlovy Vary lower railway station and the German Johanngeorgenstadt.


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