News "Today's dress" .. Carlos Menem, President of Argentina on...

“Today’s dress” .. Carlos Menem, President of Argentina on July 8, 1989


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In Anilaco, La Rioja Province, Argentina, on July 2, 1930, Carlos Menem was born, his father, Saul Menem, and his majestic mother, Aqil, trained as a lawyer at the University of Cordoba and became a supporter of Juan Peron. He traveled to Syria in 1964, where he met Salima Fatima Jumaa, who is Syrian-Argentine, and he married her in 1966 and divorced her in 1991.

He later married Cecilia Polocco in 2001 and his daughter Salima Maria Eva Monem took the role of first lady on official occasions. Carlos held the position of Governor of La Rioja twice between 1973 and 1979, then between 1983 and 1989 until he ran in the presidential elections in 1989 after an election campaign that focused on the rights of the working class and won the elections. He came as President of Argentina, “Today,” on 8 July 1989, and he assumed the presidency at a time when Argentina was facing It has a huge inflation crisis and economic recession.

His government allocated many productive sectors such as post, telecommunications, and energy, which attracted foreign investment and capital to the country and repaired the economic situation. His government also re-established relations with Britain after the Falkland Islands war, settled the borders delineation problems with Chile and continued to hold the position of president until January 10, 1999.

It is reported that he was sentenced to seven years in prison in June 2013 on charges of smuggling weapons to Ecuador and Croatia, in violation of the international embargo that was imposed in the era of the nineties of the last century, and the court banned Menem who took office through election.

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