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This Girl Farewell to Find Work Instead Found Dead at the Inn, This Motive The Murderer


PALEMBANG, – The murderer of Vanny Yulianita (18) was found dead in one of the Red Doors lodges in the Macan Lindungan area, Ilir Barat District 1, Palembang, South Sumatra finally caught.

South Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Eko Indra Heri when confirmed confirmed the news of the arrest.

Eko said, the perpetrator was known to have the initial D. He is currently still undergoing further examinations at the Palembang District Police Station.

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“The suspect is a man with the initial D. Now it is still in the process of being questioned,” Eko said via text message on Wednesday (87/2020).

The results of the interim examination, the motive of the perpetrators to kill the victim because he wanted to take Vanny’s property.

Where his motorbike was lost until it was finally found in the Kemuning area of ​​Palembang.

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However, officers will still continue to explore by extracting information from suspect D.

“The suspect plans to steal the victim’s motorbike. So the mode is, the victim is promised to work and meet at the crime scene,” said the South Sumatra Police Chief.

Reported earlier, Vanny was found dead in an inn room in one of the inns in Palembang, South Sumatra, Tuesday (07/07/2020).

From the results of the forensic examination, officers found signs of violence on the face and neck of the victim experiencing a bondage.

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