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The right loses its sole seat in the Municipality of Vevey –


The right loses the only seat it held in the Municipality of Vevey (VD). In the second round of the complementary municipal election on Sunday, the bourgeois camp candidate Valentin Groslimond was beaten by the candidate of the united left, Yvan Luccarini.

Yvan Luccarini, from Décroissance-Alternatives, won 1994 votes (46.4%) compared to 1891 (44%) for Valentin Groslimond (Entente Veveysanne). The third candidate in the running, Oliver Ghorayeb (En Avant Vevey), comes far behind with 353 votes (8.2%), said the City of Vevey in a press release.

The participation in this complementary ballot organized only by mail amounted to 33.07%. It had been 30.56% in the first round on June 21.

The Vevey population voted to renew a seat on its executive, after the resignation at the beginning of the year of the PLR ​​Etienne Rivier. This ballot took place after two years of crisis in the Municipality and less than nine months from municipal elections throughout the canton.

“Historic” victory

“This is a historic victory. To my knowledge, there are no other municipalities (in the canton) where the right is not represented at all”, reacted to the agency Keystone-ATS on winner. Yvan Luccarini said he was “very happy to have blocked the right and that the population had voted for a radical program, another option, another direction”.

On the side of the vanquished, disappointment was in order, not without irony. “I am especially disappointed for the candidate and the more than 40% of the Vevey population who will no longer be represented on the executive,” said PLR Vevey president Philippe Herminjard. “We are looking forward to the Chienlit coming in the next eight months,” he added.

>> Review Yvan Luccarini’s interview in Forum:

video media-large”>

Yvan Luccarini reacts to his victory in the second round of the municipal elections in Vevey (video) / Forum (video) / 6 min. / today at 6:20 p.m.

Tight battle

The battle was expected to be close between the two favorites, Valentin Groslimond and Yvan Luccarini. After that of the Greens and the POP, the candidate of Décroissance-Alternatives had also received the support of the Socialist Party (PS) Veveysan. With this united left behind him, he therefore had the right cards in hand to deprive the right of his only seat in the Municipality.

Valentin Groslimond came out on top in the first round with 41.68% of the vote. He was only 38 votes ahead of Yvan Luccarini. Oliver Ghorayeb and a fourth candidate who did not run again on Sunday, Daniel Beaux (Mouvement Citoyen Veveysan), had come far behind.

>> Review the explanations of Carole Pantet:

video media-large”>

Yvan Luccarini elected to the Municipality of Vevey: the details of Carole Pantet [RTS]

Yvan Luccarini elected to the Municipality of Vevey: the details of Carole Pantet / 19:30 / 1 min. / today at 7:30 p.m.

ats / gma

Soon to seven members

From July 1, 2021 and its next legislature, the Municipality of Vevey will increase from five to seven members. The municipal council indeed accepted at the beginning of February a proposal from the Veveysanne Agreement (PLR, UDC, PDC) by a very large majority.


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