News The new Prosecutor General Juris Stukāns takes the solemn...

The new Prosecutor General Juris Stukāns takes the solemn oath


According to the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office, the Prosecutor General, if he has not previously been a prosecutor, takes an oath before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Aigars Strupišs noted on Friday that the situation is unique in a way, because the last such oath was taken in 1994.

Stukāns is determined to raise the quality of the work of the prosecutor’s office in the eyes of both the public and officials, paying the greatest attention to the pre-trial investigation.

“I will try to prove that it can be done differently, I will try to do my job with the best conscience, and I very much hope, I am aware and I am sure that all prosecutors are ready to really stand by the law,” Stukāns said.

Stukāns’ candidacy was supported by 92 Saeima deputies in June.

The new Attorney General will take office on Sunday.


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