News The distribution of foreigners in Switzerland, is mixed, reveals...

The distribution of foreigners in Switzerland, is mixed, reveals a study –


The proportion of foreigners is the lowest Line in the Emmental in the bernese, with 2.1%, and the highest in Crissier near Lausanne (62,4%).

Jonathan Zufferey, and Philippe Wanner, University of Genevahave examined the spatial distribution of the foreign population. They used two indices of segregation” measuring the proportion of a given population – in the case of national groups – among the 10’000 (analyses cantonal) or 100’000 people (national analysis) closest to the geographic level.

This proportion is then compared with that of the whole of the canton or Switzerland is used to indicate if the studied group is over – or under-represented in the neighborhood. The data used are drawn from the population register of the federal statistical Office as at 31 December 2014, says a press release of the journal published on Tuesday.

Strong presence in the urban centres

The results show a strong foreign presence in the major urban centres and in suburban regions close to economic centres, such as the shores of lake Geneva or lake Zurich.

Other phenomena of concentration appear in the alpine regions of the Valais (Verbier or Zermatt) and the Grisons, explained at the time by the domiciliation of foreign affluent and the presence of foreign workers in the field of tourism.

French and Portuguese are highly concentrated

At the national level, the French are the most segregated. This high level of segregation is explained by the fact that they are concentrated in French-speaking Switzerland, for reasons related to the linguistic proximity, cultural and geographical. The only exception is a French presence emerges in the zurich area, probably linked to professional opportunities.

The segregation is also relatively high for the Portuguese, mainly in the Swiss Latin because of affinities of language, as well as in the Grisons.

The North Americans, a small population in Switzerland, show a similar index, for a reason that has nothing to do with linguistic or cultural factors. This concentration is observed in major urban centers, where are located the employment opportunities for these nationals usually highly qualified.

Balanced distribution of Italian

The nationalities with an intermediate level of segregation are the Turks (with a concentration in eastern Switzerland) and the German (over-represented on an East-North-East). On the other hand, the Italians have a low index of segregation at the macro-regional level and are domiciled in a balanced way on the territory, even if some combinations are observed in the regions of ticino and geneva, and in the north of Switzerland.



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