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Supports the ban on the adoption of children abroad until the amendments to the law – in Latvia – News


“I am not interested in relations in the coalition. I am even less interested in relations between current and former members of KPV LV,” said the politician.

He also stated that in the event of serious irregularities, as pointed out by the Ombudsman in his application,

then you need specific data and involve the State Police. “Homophobic statements were also made in the discussion. Children are not a resource, one cannot think that by not allowing children to be adopted abroad, they will later work in Latvia and pay taxes,” said the deputy.

MP Regīna Ločmele-Luņova (S) has concluded that the vote on the ban on adopting children abroad is like a litmus test for how part of the Saeima treats children. “From the point of view of national conservatives, when talking about children, such terminology as ‘exploitation’ and ‘exporting country of children’ appear. Kazinovskis also promised to say that people will be exported to Latvia soon,” said the politician.

“We will be in the same club with Russia! It is not normal with any other country, we will be in the club with Russia if we support this project,” concluded Lochmele-Lunova.

“It is very unfortunate that Latvia will end up in the same club with Russia. The National Union should be ashamed that we end up on the same list as Russia,” said Deputy Eriks Pucens (KPV LV), referring to what his colleague said. He told the story of a young man adopted in the United States who managed to get a good education, get married, and work a good job in the United States. “He is happy and considers Latvia his homeland, even though he lives in the United States,” Pucens said.

Member of Parliament Viktors Valainis (ZZS) said that this is a very sensitive social problem, where both children’s rights and the social aspect are important, therefore, in his opinion, the parliamentary Committee on Social and Labor Affairs should be involved, as the work of the Human Rights Committee He has been criticized several times in the Saeima.

Politician Aldis Gobzems has concluded that the truth is true on both sides of the front. He also criticized his neighbor, stressing that he had done “just nothing” for children and families in a year and a half.

“Although I am in opposition and do not objectively support the government and ministers, I can say that Petraviča, as a minister, has never refused to get involved and solve people’s problems to the best of her ability,” Gobzems said.

At the end of the debate, Kaimiņš alone pointed out that “he is not a five-euro banknote and not everyone can like it”, after which the Speaker of the Saeima interrupted his speech.

51 deputies voted for one bill, while 49 deputies voted for the second. Proposals for the second reading will be available until 8 August.

It is planned that the ban on adoption of children abroad will come into force on September 1 this year. An exception would apply to cases of adoption proceedings already initiated, which provide information about the child to be adopted. In that case, the laws and regulations in force at the time of the adoption process would apply. An exception could also apply in cases where the other spouse’s child is adopted or the child is adopted by his or her relatives.

The proposed amendments also envisage a delegation to the Cabinet of Ministers to develop a methodology for determining the best interests of the child.

At present, there is no legal procedure in Latvia for assessing the best interests of the child, including how this is done in cases of foreign adoption, as stated in the annotation of the amendments.

In order to make the relevant changes, amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Rights of the Child and the Law “On the Time of Entry into Force and the Procedure for Application of the Family Law Part of the Revised Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia of 1937” have been submitted to the commissions.


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